Jennie R Robinson
West Bend, WI 53090


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Horse Details

Friesian Cross

Jennie R Robinson

West Bend, WI


Solid Bay





All Around, Athletic, Classical, Cross, Dressage, Eventing, Field Hunter, Flashy, Hunter, Jumper, Jumping, Hunter Jumper, Performance, Show Jumping, Sporthorse, Western Dressage


Koda has a big, kind eye and an expressive, in-your-pocket personality. He is very curious and personable and loves the attention of people. Koda is a young prospect with loads of potential for a variety of different disciplines. His very correct movement and lovely gaits could easily make him a top-level dressage horse. He could also excel as an eventer, fox hunter, or anything that interests you as a rider.

Koda is well-started and has been exposed to a variety of different settings. He trailers easily alone or with other horses, ties to the trailer, and behaves the same off the property as on. He spent a year fox hunting in Pennsylvania with the Kimberton Hunt Club and has spent the last year working on being an arena horse, jumping, and developing basic dressage skills. He has been in training with a dressage professional since January. He is forward and sensitive but not hot. Currently, he walks around easily on the buckle. In the trot, he will naturally frame up and carry himself correctly. In the canter, he currently likes a rider who can sit and hold him together as he is still gaining strength in this gait and learning to balance himself. He can turn on the forehand and turn on the haunches, and he is very flexible with his lateral movements like shoulder in, haunches in, and leg yield. Koda is very honest and genuine to the fence. He is brave and has never refused a jump. He pricks his ears and moves to the base of the jump with keen interest. He never gets quick before or after the fence. Koda has not been over-jumped; he has just schooled lightly over smaller fences; however, he has the power and scope for higher fences.

Koda had a lot of destination work, including dogs, balls, noodles, water, and loud equipment. He can handle a crowded arena filled with fast horses, all easily going in different directions. He listens and responds to his rider. He is attentive to his surroundings but does not have a big spook or bolt. If he is unsure of something, his natural instinct is to be curious. If he is allowed to touch and smell something spooky, he will take a deep breath/sigh and move on.

Koda is a Friesian cross but not registered, so I do not know his exact breeding/cross. He looks a lot like a Connemara. He has feathers (which are currently trimmed) and a more refined face. Koda is well-behaved for bathing, clipping, and farrier. Koda is only 7, so he is best suited for someone with horse experience. However, he is level-headed and safe enough for an amateur to continue bringing along with a trainer. No bad stall habits. He can live in or out, be the only horse in the barn, or be tied to the trailer. Koda is fit and sound with a great topline/conformation—full set of great x-rays available for serious buyers. Koda’s calm and easy demeanor make him an amazing young prospect.

Jennie R Robinson
West Bend, WI 53090

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