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Rocky Mountain

Hillsboro ky


Chocolate Smokey black





Leg pressure , one hand neck rein, sides up to Mount with the snap of your finger, canter


Shadow is a  dark chocolate or Smokey black gelding that stands at a whopping solid 15.3 hands tall on a keg shoe. Shadow has been there and done that as he’s been used as a lesson, show, and trail horse. He was used mostly by children in 4-H and has been on many overnight camping trips throughout the United States. Smokey’s previous owners were die-hard trail riders until they got up in age and couldn’t take care of the horses anymore. Smokey was born and raised here locally ( Salyersville, KY) and is a well-known horse here. He ground ties, picks you up to Mount (snap your fingers is his cue), works off leg pressure, one hand neck reins, canter in the palm of your hand (smooth as a rocking chair), and he has that glide ride Evenly timed 4 beat gait that doesn’t require and special trimming or shoes. No spook or nervousness out of this big guy!! A very confident leader-type horse here, or he’ll ride the middle or back as well. Smokey will ride out alone or in large groups (the same horse no matter). He currently runs with 3 mares and 2 other geldings, and 3 cows and is lower on the pecking order. Stalls, clips, loads, shoes, and handles excellent in every way. Great ground manners. Big beautiful quiet gaited gelding here, folks!!

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