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Charlottee Menchaca
Poteet, Texas 78065
(210) 393-1151

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Draft Cross

Charlottee Menchaca

San Antonio, TX






White strip

Palomino Patrol Silver Saddle Drill Team, Trail Riding Deluxe, Perfect for Parades, Ranch


Hercules is a big boy! He is 16.1 hands and loves to work. The last three years he has been on Drill Team with the Palomino Patrol riding in every night (in February) carrying the American flag. He’s Great on parades and trail rides. He will go through water No problem, he will ride in the front or the back and he will go out alone. he will do exactly what you ask him to do. NO issues. He is extremely patient. He will stand perfectly still to let you climb on him or dismount him and unsaddle him. He does not need to be tied. He will stand there like a perfect gentleman that he is.
He is a gorgeous horse and loves to be pampered. You can lay underneath him all day long to paint his hooves. He’ll let you shave his ears. He loves being bathed. He stands perfectly still for you to get on and literally I am handicap, so he stands up against my Horse Trailer and I have to climb up the horse trailer and slowly climb on him with my knees, and he will stand perfectly still. He allows children to play around him and underneath him, he loves the attention. He’s also perfect rounding up cows. This big boy really is a dream Come true you won’t find a better horse. He is Half draft and half quarter horse. That’s where he gets his big muscular size from. I weigh 250 pounds and he can run all day long with me on him and my 150 pound silver Saddle as well.
16.1 and lots of body. If you want a horse that looks like a movie star and makes you feel like one too, here he is. “Hercules” is the most beautiful Belgian crossbred that I have ever laid my eyes on. He has got a gorgeous blonde mane and tail that goes on for miles.
He’s only 12 years old and has his whole life ahead of him. He’s all business and wants to get straight to whatever job you have for him. He neck reins with ease, trots smooth and steady, picks up both leads, and lopes nice circles. He will load and unload himself in the trailer. No issues. He’s really good outside the arena and would make a trail riding horse deluxe. If you’re a big guy who needs something strong and sturdy, this is the perfect horse for you. If you have cattle and need something to doctor cows off of or shag bulls on, just show him the ropes he is be the perfect candidate. Sells 100% sound with no history of health problems or injuries. Call Charlotte 210-393-1151

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Contact Seller For More Information
Charlottee Menchaca
Poteet, Texas 78065
(210) 393-1151

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