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trail, arena, all around great natural gaiting here that anyone in the family can ride.


Little April is a black, registered Rocky Mountain mare. She stands a tick below14.2 hands and is very well built. She comes from old time Rocky Mountain lineage and definitely has the hair gene. She is 13 years old.
We have used Jewel for both riding and breeding in the time we’ve had her. She’s an excellent riding mare and she stays the same whether she’s ridden consistently or used intermittently. Not a mean bone in this mare. Her gait is automatic, and smooth as butter. You don’t need to know anything about gaited horses to get her to gait consistently. She is really fun to ride. Neck reins, stops on your seat, moves off your legs, and can sidepass. On the trail, she is sure footed and happy to lead of follow. Not a spooky mare by nature. She has the stamina to go for as long as you’d like, but is not a forward mare and will just walk along if that is what you prefer.
She is not mareish either. Gets along great in a herd and is really a no drama girl.
She is a sweetheart and is very easy to catch. I have her 30 acres and can always walk right up to her and catch her without issue. She enjoys attention and is happy to stand quietly while you dote on her.
She’s had 2 foals for us, and to my knowledge, they are the only foals she has had to date. She is the easiest mare to breed and handle. She took on the first try with both of her foals. She is the best mama and passes her quiet disposition and lovely gait on to her foals.
No health issues. PPE are always welcome.
We would be willing breed her to one of our stallions if you are interested.
April is located in Northern CA. PM me for more info, videos, or to set up a time to meet April.

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