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Horse Details

Spotted Saddle Horse

Strunk, KY


Black & White




Star; Snip; LH, RH, RF Stocking; LF Sock; Spotted

Camping, trail riding, show ring, family safe, Mom approved


We are proud to introduce Daisy, a 10-year-old spotted saddle horse mare that’s standing 14.2. Daisy has been such a pleasure to work with. She is an in-your-pocket type mare, the first to meet you at the gate. Catch her anywhere you find her super easy keeper and a joy for the whole family to ride. My 8-year-old son rides her daily around the house and out trail riding. This little mare is a Unicorn 🦄 Daisy is super trail, and traffic broke. She’s a been there done that mare who loves her job and has a true sense of who is behind her. Daisy has been trail riding all over the big south fork in Kentucky, Tennessee, and Indiana. She’s been on more overnight camping trips than most humans. Daisy crosses logs, creeks, and ditches wherever you point her head, and she goes. Daisy stands for farrier, clipping, and bathing, and she loves to be groomed. She loads and unloads single or double and rides anywhere in the pack you want to point her to. Daisy is there to please you.

Removed due to health issues, Sorry for the inconvenience.

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