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Horse Details

Missouri Fox Trotter



Golden Palomino




White socks, White mane, Tail, Forelocks

Trail, Gaited, Field trial, Obstacles, Pleasure riding, Parade


Apollo is a registered Missouri Foxtrotter. He is 14.2 hands tall and will be eight years old in May. He is a perfectly colored golden palomino with four white stockings. His mane and tail are long, thick, and snow-white. His coat shines; even his winter coat is a deep golden color. Apollo had been trained correctly by a professional trainer from Missouri before I purchased him. The trainer did so much groundwork before he rode him as a 3 yr old, and it shows now that he is a seasoned 8 yr old trail horse. He is very friendly and easy to handle. Very sure-footed and handles hills with ease. He will ride in the front, middle, or back. Apollo has been trained in obstacle courses, also. Apollo has a wonderful foxtrot, flat walk, running walk, and beautiful canter with no pace or trot. He is exceptionally well-gaited and is very smooth.

Apollo will neck rein, plow rein, back up, load, bath, stand to mount, and for the farrier. I have had many gaited horses, and his gait is the best I have ever sat on! Apollo has a natural gait and goes into it on a loose rein. He does not need special shoes or bits. He is very gentle and follows you around like a puppy. I ride him by myself a lot and also around large groups on my monthly wagon train ride where there are wagons, mules, and gaited horses, and he will ride next to or behind the wagon going slow on a loose rein, or if you want to ride with the gaited horses, he will ride with their speed also. It’s the rider’s choice on how you want him to ride without a fuss from Apollo. He has also been exposed to ATVs, cattle, dogs, donkeys, deer, and traffic. I do not lunge him before a ride. Just throw a saddle on him, and he is ready to ride. He has a soft mouth and flexes his neck to either side. He does not start in a foxtrot unless you ask him to, he stands still and walks. I cannot say enough about him. Whoever gets him will be getting a lifelong trail partner. He is very sure-footed even on the steepest hills and carefully picks his way down. He has been ridden all over the mountains of Tennessee and Kentucky. He is my horse and is a once-in-a-lifetime horse; everywhere I take him, there is not one person who does not say, “Wow, you have a fine horse”. This is what you breed for, beauty, gait, disposition, and intelligence.


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