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Vanessa Sturgill

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My husband David and I Vanessa Sturgill live on a 21 acre horse farm.
We are located in Lancaster, Kentucky, and I trained trail pleasure horses from 1989 – 2007. My grandparents and father made their living in the horse business. Blair Folck my grandfather is in the Hall Of Fame for founding the world’s largest Quarter Horse Show that takes place in Columbus, Ohio every year for the whole month of October, horse people coming from all over the United States to show their horses! All my children now adults grew up riding before they could walk and are good riders. My son Cody Martin now has a big horse operation of his own and trains gaited horses and is doing well for himself and his family! It’s definitely my way of life to spend all my spare time in the saddle. My family and I enjoy trail riding, camping with our horses and going to the local horse shows. We believe in being honest about our horses. We’ve all grown up on the back of a horse. Our approach to training is simple, gentle and patient. Horses are different and have different needs, skills, talents, and abilities. Spending time with the animal and getting to know what works for them in moving forward with their training is something we value. We want our horses to truly be seasoned, so spending a large amount of time with them in the saddle and on the ground is vital. We are blessed to be able to do this work and do it as a family.

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Ruger’s Smokin Pistol


  • Breed: Tennessee Walking Horse
  • Listed By:
  • Location: Lancaster,KY
  • Color: Black Sabino
  • Height:15.0
  • Foal Date: 10-18-2016
  • Sex: Gelding
  • Markings: Four stockings, Bald, In off flank, Under belly, Mixed mane and tail

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