Robin Harden and James Beckner


Robin Harden and James Beckner

About Robin Harden and James Beckner

James Beckner and Robin Harden
We met in 2012. I am a city girl who moved to Bowling Green, KY, to start a new life.  I did not intend to leave the city then; I was on a new adventure.  Beck was born and raised and still lives in the same house on his farm.  We met at a downtown BG event where I was working the event, and he had his horse and carriage.  Together, we partnered to form Rockn B Horse Carriage.  We built the company in 3 years to have 42 out of 52 work weekends.  We also made the farm into KY Proud and KY Agritourism Farms are Fun,  listed with the state and opened up to have events.  In late 2017, we opened a farm restaurant called Mammaws Kitchen to retain our carriage guests and begin kids’ events.  In 2019, we escalated to full-time help with four white Percheron horses, seven carriages, a wedding venue, and Mammaw’s.  In March 2020, our jobs and dreams ended, as did our income due to health issues. We limped through, opening everything back up, and added a bar.  2023, we were done for. We closed the farm, wedding venue, restaurant, bar, destination carriage business, and on-farm carriage business.  Beck has been around horses for 36 years.  I have been around horses for ten and only ours.  I got the fever for carriage driving when, at a three-carriage event for the Christmas holiday, we did not have enough drivers, so I became one in 15 minutes with Beck’s guidance.  We have taught many kids how to be around drafts, care for them, and drive them.  Both of us complement each other, and we both are declared workaholics.  We both drive our trucks and trailers across KY and even further.  We both drive our tractors and utilize all of the many attachments.  Beck declared a garden expert, while I declared a landscape artist.  We have enjoyed meeting people and making smiles with our horses and carriages.  Farmwork never ends, but we have been dedicated, disciplined workers.  Sometimes, we both declare bossman at the same time, but we have learned patience together.  We are a really good team, and our Lacey dog goes with us everywhere.  She has herded six horses many times, and our three farm cats, and us.  She has always ridden in the carriage since she was a baby.  The customer might yell horses first, but Lacey gets all the petting, and the kids smile.

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