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John Seipel

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Hi, My name is John Seipel. I live in the beautiful Colorado Rockies. I have been training and riding trail horses for over 20 years. We switched to Missouri Fox  Trotters over 15 years ago. We found the MFT are superior in their kind mind, forgiving and gentle personality, and unbelievable comfort. I enjoy spending hours on the trail, in all types of terrain, teaching my horses the ropes. My wife is a retired performance horse trainer, so we have a foolproof system to ensure our horses are ready. We spend much time on the ground, sacking, moving feet, learning to stand, and introducing our horses to anything and everything.  We then spend countless months and hours on trails of all kinds, rocks, sand, steep, boggy, snowy, muddy, etc.  We are not in the horse business; we do this for enjoyment. However, we spend much time on the collection, softening, side passing, backing, and anything else to make our horses more supple. We also spend much time in the wilderness, so our horses are good at camping and electric fences. We have found that if we start with a quality colt, we end up with a really reliable and enjoyable mount. For this reason, we are very selective when we buy a colt. Almost without exception, we buy Southern Sunrise-bred horses from the most knowledgeable people we know, Jenna Lee and Larry Stevens. We have enjoyed their expertise for many years as we make a yearly trip to Missouri to horse shop and trail ride. We have devoted our retirement to training quality horses and being in the wilderness. We have discovered this to be a wonderful way to meet new friends and see lots of country. We are getting older, so backpacking is out of the question!.I particularly enjoy the experience of getting to spend many months on my horses. We do not sell without riding each horse for at least a season and therefore get familiar with the horse’s mental and physical tendencies.I will be happy to answer any questions . I will also be happy to ride with you and any horse you purchase from me , in case that would be helpful

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Winning Offer: $7,200.00

  • Breed: Missouri Foxtrotter
  • Listed By:John Seipel
  • Location: Paonia, CO
  • Color: Sorrel
  • Height:14.3
  • Foal Date: 05-24-2018
  • Sex: Gelding
  • Markings: Small Star

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