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Jared Dubbelde

About Jared Dubbelde

Jared & Lyndsey Dubbelde family. We have a family of four along with some young girls from our local town that come out to learn and help with the horses. We have a few riding horses along with a couple ponies that we use to give lessons on along with using for our own family. The riding horses get to see a wide range of territory since we only live 1.5 miles from town, near a river, rail road, and busy highway. We also have a couple teams of Percheron mares that we use on a consistent basis along with raising colts from them. In the spring and summer, we use them to mow, rake, and bale hay. In the fall they get used to do a little bit of plowing and there seems to always be manure to haul with them. During the winter we have a bobsled that we take out for giving sleigh rides. We raise and break high quality horses that are friendly, well minded and most importantly safe to be around for all ages. Our horse hobby is truly that. It is an activity that our whole family likes to be a part of and hopefully that tradition carries on through our two boys for many years to come. You can have confidence buying from us that you’re getting a high quality horse that you will be happy with for years to come.

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Winning Offer: $7,000.00

  • Breed: Percheron
  • Listed By:Jared Dubbelde
  • Location: Baltic, SD
  • Color: Blue Roan
  • Height:13.3
  • Foal Date: 07-20-2023
  • Sex: Colt
  • Markings: None
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