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Dianne Marshall

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Hi, I’m Dianne Marshall. I started riding at 3 years old. I begin showing the American Saddlebred breed when I was 9 . I shown equitation and then the 5-gaited classes until 21 years old. I begin starting the young horses. Of course the saddlebreds trot naturally , the rack is man made. I showed the Tennessee Walking Horses in your padded classes also. I started a few of those as well. Then a found the quarter horses ….. western pleasure, cattle sorting, reining, cutting , roping etc. I’m now 56 and have started over 500 colts in all of these areas. Shown them in halter, yearling lounge line, 2 & 3 yr old snaffle classes etc. I enjoy the babies and the young horses! I attended William Woods University which is known for their equine studies. I presently own the Bob Marshall treeless saddle company: SportsSaddle Inc. After college I worked with many trainers, some in Texas, Oklahoma & Mississippi . Those were fun times for me ! Went to many shows in various events. I have also ridden hunt seat, dressage. I have given many lessons in all of these categories of riding however I find my must enjoyment with the horses . Each horse will teach you something different I don’t care how many you have been on. I love to watch a horse grow , learn and raise to different levels of each one’s capabilities and potential!! I support each customer that purchases a horse from me weather that horse is an older mature or it’s a young one. I like to see my horses being successful weather is with me or the present owner. And most certainly I want the rider to be fully enjoying and being 100% comfortable with that particular horse. I make sure someone purchasing a horse from me knows everything I know about it. Anyway, nice meeting everyone and Good Luck if you are out there showing and if you enjoy the trails then Happy Trails and all be safe and have fun!!! Thank you , Dianne

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  • Breed: Tennessee Walking Horse
  • Listed By:
  • Location: Salem, KY
  • Color: Black Tobiano
  • Height:14.3
  • Foal Date: 03-17-2021
  • Sex: Gelding
  • Markings: Star, Snip, Four stockings

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