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Martins Pleasure Horses is family-owned and operated by me, Cody Blair Martin, my fiance Jade, and my five-year-old son Lane. I was fortunate to have been born and raised in Southeastern Kentucky around gaited horses. Folks around here see us on horseback more often than in a vehicle. I specialize in gaited horses. You might as well say I was cutting teeth when I started riding horses as a young boy. Horses are our way of life here; we enjoy doing what we love. My barn is in Standford, KY, where I offer training, refreshers, consignment, and sale of mostly gaited horses.
The horses I offer for sale on Thehorsebay will have been through all of my tests, trials, and training to ensure they are suitable for almost anyone. I only offer the finest horses that come through my barn on Thehorsebay. Most won’t make the cut. They will be with me for at least 45 days before being offered on Thehorsebay. Although, most will stay with me for several months before being offered. This ensures I can be honest and transparent about each horse. I try to expose my horses to everything I can think of on and off the trail. I continue to improve in everything I do to ensure my horses are safe and dependable. I’m here to help match you with the perfect horse that suits you. If I don’t have the horse that will suit you and what you’re looking for, I’m blunt and honest about it, or I’ll tell you I have doubts. I welcome and strongly encourage buyers to come to my barn and try the horse of interest out in any way they want before purchasing. That being said, I will work with all my customers in any way possible. If, for whatever reason, the horse does not suit you. I would be glad to help you sell the horse or offer you another horse in its place. I’m easy to work with and want to make the whole process as seamless as possible.
I also take consignment horses that I post on Thehorsebay. I will do your leg work, including riding, cleaning up, refreshing, and videoing your horse. This is a great help for folks such as the elderly who can not work a phone and simply can’t do it; or others who just simply don’t have the time. If I place a horse for sale on consignment, it will be said, and I give no guarantees on consignment horses that I do not own.
I come from a very long line of horse folks. My family has been breeding, training, racing, showing, and selling horses for over 70 years. My mom was raised around quarter horses and thoroughbreds. She acquired her first gaited horse as a teenager and never went back. If you have any questions about the horses I offer for sale or me, please call me. I’m here to answer all of your questions anytime.
In 1960, my great-grandfather Blair Edwin Folk and my great-grandmother Nancy Folk created National Quarter Horse Sales in Springfield, Ohio. I was named after him, and I carry that name very proudly. As a young boy, he developed a keen eye for horses, especially a quarter horse. His business sold quarter horses to buyers across the United States. Through the company, the Folk family inaugurated several quarter horse sales and emerged as one of the finest breeders of quarter horses in the United States. He established the All-American Quarter Horse Congress and Folck Agency, an insurance agency that provides coverage for horses and their owners. Today, this firm continues to operate, sharing office space with National Equine Sales.

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Winning Offer: $17,801.00

  • Breed: Kentucky Mountain Horse
  • Listed By:Cody Martin
  • Location: Lancaster, KY
  • Color: Buckskin
  • Height:15.0
  • Foal Date: 03-02-2019
  • Sex: Gelding
  • Markings:
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