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Charlottee Menchaca

About Charlottee Menchaca

Hello, my name is Charlottee DeSalme Menchaca. Horses are in my blood. I have owned horses since the day I was born so I’ve been a horse owner for 52 years. My dad was a horse trainer and trained several famous horses he was also a Trail boss, so I’ve been riding horses since before I could walk. I live for going on trail rides and participating in Drill Team’s. I have been doing the San Antonio Stock show and rodeo for the last 10 years riding in the Grand entry with the Palomino Patrol Drill team. I am not a horse breeder nor a horse seller. I love my horses like my children. The only reason I am selling my horse is due to medical reasons I am no longer able to ride him, and it breaks my heart. I pray he goes to a loving home where he gets the attention he deserves.

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Winning Offer: $20,200.00

  • Breed: Quarter/Belgian Draft X
  • Listed By:Charlottee Menchaca
  • Location: San Antonio, TX
  • Color: Palomino
  • Height:16.0
  • Foal Date: 01-01-2013
  • Sex: Gelding
  • Markings: Star, Strip, Wide Snip, Four Stockings

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