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My Name is Cassie Rose, and I have had a professional image in the horse industry for almost 25 years. Before then, I was devoted to learning about horses and daily riding. I obtained my love of livestock from my grandpa, who took me to check cattle from a very young age. He taught me how to love animals and always to have a heart when raising them. From that love, we welcomed our first horse, and the learning curve never seemed to end. I absorbed information easily from my first instructors and won everything our local fun shows/4H shows had to offer with our first three horses. I even had training clients early on during this time. It became clear then that I have a knack for horsemanship and teaching horses and humans how to be better with one another.

My calling was to be a knowledgeable, patient and charismatic teacher, this led me to a full-time summer job teaching horsecamp to kids and as a Trail Boss for the public. After being largely self-taught and gathering information from local clinicians, I aimed to learn from tenured professors and gain a degree in animal science with an emphasis in equine management at the University of Wisconsin. After achieving this goal, I built my business around premium Equine Management, Equine Breeding techniques, Horse training, and Genetics. I have been training gaited horses professionally for 15 years and understand their unique biomechanics. My training program produces a skilled, gentle trail horse educated enough to participate in a fun show or mid-level dressage events for the more advanced and ambitious rider. Alternately, it also provides a sense of security to those just wanting an ultimate horse capable of toting precious cargo & patient enough for the novice rider.

Our family’s breeding program is centered on preserving a robust & rare breed in American History, the gaited Rocky Mountain Horse. Our stock exhibits athletic, robust/sure-footed, supremely people-oriented, and intelligent mounts that gait easily.  Our business model is to “spread the rocky word,” where we place the best individuals on the market to help enhance nationwide ownership of high-quality Rocky Mountain horses and help expand the knowledge of their unique talents. Our family enjoys using our broodmares & stallions (yes, even the stallions are used on the farm and for exhibition!). We participate in trail rides and cattle sorting and compete in obstacle courses, gymkhana, skijoring, and educational expositions!

We produce Rockys because we think they are the best breed in the world for their beauty, athleticism, gentleness, and gait, and they have a deep desire to please!

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R Squared Special Reserve “Cotton”

Winning Offer: $25,950.00

  • Breed: Rocky Mountain Horse
  • Listed By:Cassie Rose
  • Location: St Croix Falls, WI
  • Color: Chocolate/Silver Black
  • Height:14.3
  • Foal Date: 09-10-2009
  • Sex: Gelding
  • Markings: Blaze, LF/RH Sock, LH/RF Pastern

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