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Ania Haynes

About Ania Haynes

Hello! My name is Ania Haynes. I am 18 years old and, sadly, have to sell 2 of my horses before I leave for college. I have been training horses for 4 years now and truly love it. I was not planning on selling but I do not want such incredible horses to waste away in a field when they can find a perfect forever home with a person who loves them as much as I do. I am not in this for the money, I truly care about all of my horses and want what is best for them. A little about me, I have competed in both English and Western events and done a little trick riding. Recently, I decided I was going to focus on barrel racing and just keep my one horse throughout college. My family and I have camped and trail rode in many different states. I believe that trailing riding is very important to give the horse something else to do other than ring-work. I am really excited for my horses’ future, as I know the buyers will take great care of them! Thank you for reading!

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PR Wilywoods Buck “Woody”


  • Breed: Quarter Horse
  • Listed By:
  • Location: Chestertown, MD
  • Color: Bay
  • Height:13.3
  • Foal Date: 03-25-2020
  • Sex: Gelding
  • Markings: “PR” brand on left hip

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