Mel Thomas
Pleasant Hill, IA 50327


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Horse Details


Mel Thomas

Pleasant Hill, IA


AQHA-5801285/ APHA-1070795





4 socks, Strip

Trail ride, Show, Cow, Roping


WR IMA Barbie Girl is a 2017 double-registered AQHA/APHA mare. She stands 14.1 and is thick as she is tall. She is a gorgeous sorrel with four white socks and a strip on her face. This horse will be sure to get everyone’s attention. With halter and performance bloodlines, she has the looks and build only one would dream of. Barbie has the best ground manners of any horse I’ve ever had the pleasure to handle. She is very easy and respectful on the ground. She maintains her space and stays out of yours. She stands tied all day without a fuss, catches you in the pasture, and comes on the run when called, clip her without even a halter, bathe her untied, saddle and bridle her untied as well, and she won’t move a muscle. Under saddle, she is not spooky; she’s quiet, calm, and great-minded. She had a later start in life due to no fault of her own, but she has seen it all! While we have used her as a trail horse for the last two years, we have also introduced her to pretty much everything! Show her something new, and she will take it in stride. She will trail ride anywhere, over or through anything. Logs, brush, steep terrain, water up to her head, no problem. Down the road, no problem. She knows arena work, has pushed cows, and loves it! She has sorted and had a rope thrown off her. Obstacles are no problem either. Bridges, cones, poles, barrels- she has seen it all; it doesn’t phase her. She also comes with all the buttons. She has a great stop, backs with ease, side pass, pivot, and moves off light leg pressure, or if you prefer, just neck rein her around. This quiet, calm, easy nature horse is full of potential and will be your next all-around horse. Take her home and head straight to the trails or campgrounds. Use her on the ranch to push cattle, and she will get right after them. Or finish her arena work or make her a rope horse! She will do it all! At home, we use tractors, golf carts, ATVs, utvs, and a skid loader to complete various tasks in which she has seen them all! In addition, the 5 grandkids jump onto horses around her as well. You will see a 10-year-old girl riding in the video.
Barbie has also been to The Cross-Country Trial Ride in the Ozark Mountains, where we spend a week at a time riding in the mountains, crossing the river, and camping! This ride comes with a lot of commotion, a couple thousand people and horses, loud music, and lots of kids!

Winning Offer: $8,200.00

Mel Thomas
Pleasant Hill, IA 50327

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bred 08/14/2022 10:01 am $8,200.00
Lorisnoddy 08/14/2022 9:58 am $8,000.00
bred 08/14/2022 9:54 am $7,800.00
Lorisnoddy 08/14/2022 9:49 am $7,600.00
bred 08/14/2022 9:49 am $7,500.00 Auto
bred 08/14/2022 9:40 am $7,400.00
Lorisnoddy 08/13/2022 9:07 pm $7,200.00
marge gogin 08/13/2022 8:13 am $7,000.00
Lmurray0444 08/12/2022 1:54 pm $6,800.00
bred 08/12/2022 11:48 am $6,600.00
Lmurray0444 08/11/2022 9:32 am $6,400.00
bred 08/11/2022 5:54 am $6,200.00
Lmurray0444 08/09/2022 3:06 pm $6,000.00
Lorisnoddy 08/08/2022 7:42 am $5,800.00
Rocker0821 08/01/2022 5:03 am $5,600.00
Dschomaker 08/01/2022 4:06 am $5,400.00
JC3073 07/31/2022 3:46 pm $5,200.00
Dschomaker 07/31/2022 3:46 pm $5,000.00 Auto
Dschomaker 07/31/2022 2:21 am $4,800.00
Rocker0821 07/30/2022 10:17 am $4,600.00
JC3073 07/30/2022 6:14 am $4,400.00
Rocker0821 07/30/2022 6:14 am $4,200.00 Auto
Rocker0821 07/28/2022 1:24 pm $4,000.00
Sale Started 07/24/2022 7:34 pm

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