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TWH/Quarter X

Mauston, WI







Guiding, Camping, Herding, Roping, Endurance, Reining, Rifles


Wachi, at only four years, is a grown woman and an experienced professional. Wachi has been my partner these past two years, working around the country, raised as a family with the patience and consideration of a professional working horse by a horseman whose livelihood depends on his horse. She can do everything from hobbling to highly advanced diagonals at the trot; pack trips in the mountains and range riding; leading dude strings of over twenty; herd cattle and horses; trailer around the country, and sleep alone in the wilderness. Wachi has done and seen more than most horses ever will in their entire lives.

    Wachi has trailered over 7,000 miles in the past two years from Arizona and Utah to Tennessee and now Wisconsin, working eight different ranches as a guide, herder, and range rider. In the videos, you can see a few clips of her being chased around at new places or sauntering off into a new pasture. She has lived with over 100 horses in herds around the country—as well adjusted and socialized as any professional. Due to Wachi’s extensive experience as a working professional, she will never make a peep when leaving other horses—not even looking back. She is a confident and fair leader.

    A few weeks after her first ride, Wachi and I went to the mountains of Utah, guiding mountain trails for an outfit. For Wachi, guiding means typically living with a herd of around thirty horses; on busy days, she could spend upwards of two or three hours standing tied with twenty other horses while we loaded and unloaded some fifty or more guests; that in a single day, she could be guiding for six hours and camping with guests overnight; she could be leading rides or bringing up the rear, sometimes moving to the middle of the string was bigger than fifteen, or riding alongside; and every day there are always children that need their horse to be ponied by Wachi; her waiting patiently on me without walking off while I dismounted to grab a dropped lead rope, cell phone, or the occasional person; all kinds of vehicles pulling up and depositing people screaming and waving things around and lots of children and adults sticking their hands in her face and talking at her.

 I see her TWH/Quarter cross as a superior kind of horse when, like Wachi, they get the best of both breeds. Wachi comes complete with the skills and knowledge of a professional and can hold her own on any ranch, trail, or arena. If you are looking for a good trail horse, you have found a professional with over 500 miles of the country under her hooves, countless days and nights on pack trips out in the wilderness hung from a Highline, or hobbled at night. As you can see in the ‘Growin’ up’ video when we are alone, I usually just let her wander around, and she always comes back to me. If you want a barrel/gymkhana horse, Wachi can run 35mph and can easily finish a 5-mile ride on smooth trails in 25 minutes if you let her. Looking for a graceful workhorse that loves her job on the ranch? Wachi’s favorite activity is cutting and herding cattle and horses. Just watch the video (a bit blurry, but oh well) of her herding horses for a movie shoot and watch her handle the herd and then blaze past to reroute them.

    A horse of Wachi’s caliber is rare anywhere. You won’t even be able to find another horse for sale with her experience, let alone advanced abilities like diagonals at a walk and trot; and then there is side-passing (opening gates), pivots, spins, fore, and hind separation, rollbacks that are starting to show airtime (hopping); starts and stops from the seat, and on and on. Bits? Forget about it. Just throw the halter on and hit the trail. If you can ride from your seat and give clear leg cues, you can get it done without touching her head. She knows the difference between relaxed plodding and a running walk from a subtle squeeze of the legs. She also knows the difference between normal mounting from the back, where she has been trained to stand still, and swinging up from the front, where she has been trained to walk off as you swing up—which you can see me doing bareback in the video.

I could write all day about our experiences and her intelligence and abilities, so call with questions.

If my expenses are covered, I am happy to fly out and give a week of pro bono lessons to help with introductions and advanced riding/handling skills.


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