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Rocky Mountain Horse

 St Croix falls, Wisconsin






Left hind fetlock

  • Breed: Rocky Mountain
  • Listed By:
  • Location: St Croix falls, Wisconsin
  • Color: Dun (Color tested EE Aa Dd no red gene or creme gene; one dun dilution gene)
  • Height: 14.1 hh (15HH ++projected)
  • Foal Date: 05/21/2018
  • Sex: Colt
  • Markings: Left hind fetlock

Description: Intro: “Vega” is a one-of-a-kind 2 year old colt that has everything you would dream of for a Rocky Mountain gaited prospect. His disposition is very much like a golden retriever. Vega also demonstrates a saddle rack gait typical of the RMHA gait description. He is a well handled and loving colt that is well socialized. He has not been ridden due to his age but has been properly prepared and desensitized. Vega would be a great prospect for anyone with horse knowledge to start and ride VERY easily when he is mature enough. He will have a long,  flowing and thick mane and tail. His mane is already surpassing his shoulder!

“Vega” is a rare Dun Rocky mountain horse who is 2 (MAY) and 14.1 +hands. He will keep growing width and height until approximately 6 years of age (typical of most Rockies). Vega excels  in every category that is important in choosing a perfect prospect for riding:

  • COLOR — RARE dun dilution gene within the rockies combined with the agouti gene is a extremely rare find without a silver gene. In fact, there are only 2 documented within the breed worldwide. He is exceptionally beautiful with his very dark mane, tail and points with delightfully peachy red body and dark/wide dorsal stripe. He exhibits primitive markings around his eyes, legs and shoulder barring. There are only one or two specific lineages that produce the dun dilution gene and it is extremely hard to find ones with exceptional balance and quality like Vega! He does not have or carry the Silver gene and this opens up his ability as a stallion to produce offspring from any silver carrying mare. He does not carry a red gene (EE tested) which would never produce a sorrel foal.  (see video and pictures)
  • CONFIRMATION — Not only does Vega have textbook Rocky Mountain conformation but also exceeds standards where you are able to assess overall balance of his body parts and structural correctness of the angles of his legs. He has a very attractive face, large eyes and well shaped ears that ties in very nicely to a sloping shoulder. He has a nice back with proper loin that will lead to a nice low swing to his gait. He has adequate muscling to his rear quarter and nice width to his gaskin. (see video and pictures)
  • GAIT — From birth Vega could be observed exhibiting a 4 beat gait. Young horses often change drastically while they grow and also will trot or pace while testing out the different gaits their genetics have given them. You will see Vega trotting and gaiting as he moves. We can describe his gait through his Sire or Dam’s movements. His Dam has a flat kneed lower style of movement naturally. She is very smooth in her saddle rack and can be ridden into it very easily. Vega’s Sire was a very smooth ride when ridden. Siblings of Vega also have had easy, smooth trail gaits. At R Squared Ranch, we also observe the canter of our horses. Vega has an excellent canter that is a true and correct 3 beats. His dam has a buttery smooth canter that is very run to ride. Riders often say that the canter of a gaited horse is much better than the canter of a trotting horse. (see video)
  • TEMPERAMENT — Fantastically calm, friendly, people loving, easy going and willing to do whatever he is asked to do. He would rather say hi to a human than remain in the herd. Being intact he has not shown to be mouthy at all. He is respectful and tolerant of anything we do with him. Beyond what is expected for a young colt! (see video)
  • EXPERIENCE –– Light training sessions with Vega have prepared him for the future. He has had a lightweight saddle on and did not react to it at all. When he cantered with it he did not buck or exhibit fear. He has been desensitized with blankets and sacks along with a noisy tarp. On the ground, Vega leads well and does not overcrowd his handler. He short lunges left and right with ease. Vega backs lightly when asked and even loads/ unloads easily in a trailer. We prepare our young animals with ground driving. Vega has been harnessed with a full driving rig and accepts a bit. He will turn left right and back.  (see video)
  • TRAINING — Expertly trained by Cassie Rose.  She is a well known trainer of gaited Horses for showing, for trail riding, and for equine companions. Cassie’s training methods include: natural horsemanship training, training to developing the correct and natural gaits for each individual horse,  and sensitivity training of  each  individual horse  for almost every environment the horse will see in their lifetime.  She also uses classical dressage/horsemanship training methods that go back hundreds of years and  are still used today to train high level horses around the world. Vega has been lightly prepared due to his age. Every precaution has been taken to ensure his health and safety during our process working with him. Vega has not been over exposed or over worked and has calmly accepted everything demonstrated. (see video)
  • SUITABILITY FOR RIDERS — With much more experience, Vega would surely be suited for Beginners. However, with a very unreactive nature, a educated horse person would be able to start and ride Vega.
  • PEDIGREE: Sire “Beamer’s Clip Art” -Because of his excellent disposition and smooth gait, he is selectively bred at Beam’s Ridge farm in OH. Clip Art’s bloodlines are exceptional.  His lineage includes Yankee Clipper, Yankee, Tobe, Old Tobe, Buddy Roe, Tim. These are all foundation horses of the Rocky Mountain breed.
  • Dam “Silver Sage” Who is by the famous Spanish Sundown (First sire to produce the Dun dilution gene within the breed.) and out of a Nick/Magnum mare- another famous foundation line. This broodmare is also a competition horse in various all-around events, i.e. Skijoring, endurance and competitive trail. This mare produces the kind of foals for build, brains, athletic ability and personality.
  • Full and half siblings are gorgeous well gaited individuals. Whether it be trail, trail obstacle, showing or versatility this is a proven cross.

Farrier: Every 4-6 weeks since birth (great)

Vet: Vaccination given at 6 months and Boostered annually

Deworming on a 4x per year rotation

Trailers: Yes

Vega gets along with all kinds. We have a mix of bred mares, geldings, pony, babies and yearlings. I like to keep my colts well socialized. This way they are least likely to have social mishaps when kept as a breeding stallion. He exhibits typical play behavior with his rival colts but remains safe.  He is fed a high quality (tested for protein) hay with low percentage alfalfa hay. The hay is then fed using 1.75” hay nets that decrease waste and other problems feeding on the ground. He is supplemented with a vitamin/mineral pellet. Vega does not remain in a stall but will stand well for short periods. He has 24/7 turnout time.

Regarding purchasing him as a gelding; if you wish to only purchase as a gelding, this can easily be arranged and the healing process can occur at our farm.


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