Billy Jack Young
Kentwood, LA


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Horse Details

Tennessee Walking Horse

Billy Jack Young

Kentwood, LA


Red roan/White





Trail, Buggy, Mounted shooting


Vegas is a beautiful 14.1 hands tall red roan and white paint Tennessee walker gelding.

Vegas has a gate that is very smooth. Yes, he can go fast, and he can go slow. He’s very laid back.

Vegas was shown as a younger horse, and he did very well. He won lots of blue ribbons and was used as a stud for a few years. He was caste-rated last year and then was broke to the buggy for parades and trail rides.

Vegas is very fun to ride and very stunning to look at. There is no doubt when you go on a trail ride, he’s one that everybody talks about ( very fancy ).

I have used Vegas all around my place and lease pastures for the last few months. He does not have any hesitation about crossing the pond or going thru brush and crossing logs etc…

I have taken him on a trail ride pulling the carriage; he was wonderful. If you can hold the driving lines, you can drive Vegas, and he is very easy to hitch by yourself.

I’ve been shooting off of Vegas for the last few months. He’s as good of a shooting horse as anybody would want to watch videos. I can unload both 45-caliber pistols, and he won’t blink an eye.

I have roped the dummy off of him some, and he did great he was not bothered at all.

Vegas has no bad habits or health problems. He is farrier friendly.

If you looking for a safe and smooth walking gelding that can do it all with a fabulous look about him, check out Vegas!

Billy Jack Young
Kentwood, LA


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