Adam Jokisch
Freeburg, IL 62243


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Missouri Foxtrotter

Adam Jokisch

Freeburg, IL







Star on forehead

All natural horsemanship training from Clinton Anderson Ambassador. Trail rides, pulls buggy, sorts cattle, backs up, flat foot walk, running walk & canters.


Undercover is a beautiful four-year-old chestnut gelding with a star in the center of his forehead. For those of you who follow thehorsebay.com. He is a maternal brother to the last horse we sold, “Bo’s Hot Chick.”
His sire is CIA, the 2017 open world grand champion Missouri fox trotter! Undercover was broke and trained by one of Clinton Anderson’s ambassadors Alicia Liddle, who did a fantastic job with Undercover. As you see in the video, we have asked Undercover to do just about everything. We have hundreds of miles of trails on him, literally. We have been cattle sorting and taking him to farm shows & parades. We have fired guns off of him, rode him down the highway, and he pulls the buggy.
If you’re looking for a big stout gelding that is safe for anyone to ride, I think you will enjoy Undercover. Our family has been raising Missouri Foxtrotter for over 40 years, and Undercover is another one of the top horses born and raised on our farm here in Freeburg, Illinois. If you are interested in Undercover, please call and make an appointment and come and visit him. We also offer affordable transportation to all our clients who buy our horses. Undercover has all of his vaccinations and is wormed regularly.

TEMPERAMENT: “Undercover” Is a big, sweet-natured, easy-to-get-along-with Gelding. He loves to be handled and is easy to load, shoe, and catch, and he loves riding.

EXPERIENCE: Undercover has extensive experience trail riding here in Illinois and in the Ozark mountains. You can take him out riding by himself or with a group. You can ride him in the front of the group or the back. He’ll be the same either way. We rode him up and down the road through the creeks into the river, we’ve done cattle sorting with him, roped off of him, and he’s probably had at least 50 miles of pulling a buggy. As you’ll see in the video, we’ve had several people riding undercover all year, and everyone gets along with him.

CONFORMATION: As you can see in the pictures and video Undercover is pretty easy to look at. He is a bigger-boned horse with Deep chestnut color that will take you anywhere you want to go.

PEDIGREE: Undercover will have some of the best Pedigrees in the Missouri Foxtrotter horse breed association. If you study the pedigree, you will see that great horses come from good genetics, and he has some of the best. His sire is “CIA,” the 2017 open world grand champion in Missouri Foxtrotter. He is still standing at our farm here in Freeburg. His grandsire, also in the Hall of Fame, is “Grand Central.” Grand Central is also a multi-world Grand Champion horse that has produced some of the best horses in our breed for trail, show, and versatility.

Thank you in advance for your consideration of “Undercover. “We are breeders of registered Missouri Foxtrotters and usually have between 50 – 60 of them on hand at all times. Feel free to call us and make an appointment to see “Undercover.”

Adam Jokisch
Freeburg, IL 62243

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