TR’S Aristocrat

Travis Robinson
Paris, KY 40361


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Horse Details

Rocky Mountain Horse

Travis Robinson

Paris, KY








Trail Riding, Arena Riding, Trail Obstacle, Gaited, SUPER SMOOTH


TR’s Aristocrat is a registered and certified RMHA gelding. He is a stout, 15.2/15.3h tall, chocolate gelding sired by WGC RRF’s PrimeTime (who I trained) and out of my mare, The Cat’s Meow. Aristocrat inherited the best from both his parents and has an extremely smooth, well-timed gait that is hard to beat. He will easily stay in that consistent four beat on a loose rein.

Aristocrat was bred and raised on my farm in Paris, KY. He has not been traded around and has had extensive training done by me. I specifically bred for Aristocrat because I wanted an easily gaited horse that could easily cover the ground. He is exactly what I wanted and can easily clear miles of trails with an even, four-beat gait. This horse excels on the trail, as he is forward going. Despite that, he is very controllable and will ride wherever you put him in a group. I have trail-ridden this horse many miles, and he is exactly what I want in a trail horse. I personally think he has the potential to become an endurance horse because he has enough self-motivation to cover a lot of ground. He’s light on his feet, and his movement in gait requires little effort from him physically.

Aristocrat also has good, solid feet and is barefoot in all of the videos below. He will not give the farrier any troubles when getting shod or trimmed. He can be high-tied or high-lined overnight with no issues. He trailers quietly and stands to be saddled. He also stalls quietly and has no issues when pastured with other horses. He will also stand in a wash rack to be hosed after a long days’ worth of riding.

Aristocrat will respond well to your leg pressure. He knows how to side-pass and will yield on his forequarters and hindquarters. He has been worked with on obstacles and will do what you ask of him, but he can get a little worked up if someone tries to rush him. He stands to be mounted and will side pass over to a mounting block or whatever you use for you to climb on.

Aristocrat will be the same horse no matter how much time he gets off.

If you are interested in Aristocrat, I would love it if you came to try him out. He is not a horse for everyone and can be taken aback by new people. However, it won’t take him long to warm up to you with a little encouragement and treats. Feel free to call me with any questions you may have. Also, check out my Facebook page at “Travis Robinson’s Gaited Equine” or my personal page “Travis Robinson” to see my equine beliefs and training techniques. Videos in order visit Youtube Channel >>>>

Winning Offer: $17,500.00

Travis Robinson
Paris, KY 40361

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RCP278 12/26/2021 6:00 pm $17,500.00 Auto
RCP278 12/26/2021 4:30 pm $15,600.00 Auto
Bruno 12/26/2021 4:30 pm $15,400.00
RCP278 12/25/2021 4:15 pm $15,200.00
steve67 12/25/2021 2:37 pm $15,000.00
RCP278 12/25/2021 1:27 pm $14,800.00
joewiggins 12/25/2021 11:45 am $14,600.00
RCP278 12/25/2021 11:45 am $14,500.00 Auto
RCP278 12/25/2021 11:41 am $14,200.00 Auto
joewiggins 12/25/2021 11:41 am $14,000.00
RCP278 12/25/2021 9:27 am $13,700.00
steve67 12/25/2021 9:27 am $13,500.00 Auto
steve67 12/24/2021 8:00 pm $13,200.00
RCP278 12/24/2021 5:25 pm $13,000.00
steve67 12/24/2021 3:42 pm $12,800.00
RCP278 12/24/2021 11:48 am $12,600.00
steve67 12/24/2021 11:48 am $12,500.00 Auto
steve67 12/24/2021 10:07 am $12,300.00
RCP278 12/24/2021 9:34 am $12,100.00 Auto
joewiggins 12/24/2021 9:34 am $12,000.00
RCP278 12/23/2021 8:20 pm $11,200.00
steve67 12/23/2021 8:20 pm $11,000.00 Auto
steve67 12/23/2021 7:27 pm $10,900.00
RCP278 12/23/2021 7:09 pm $10,700.00
steve67 12/23/2021 7:09 pm $10,500.00 Auto
steve67 12/23/2021 4:45 pm $10,300.00
RCP278 12/23/2021 12:57 pm $10,100.00
steve67 12/23/2021 12:57 pm $10,000.00 Auto
steve67 12/23/2021 9:09 am $9,900.00
RCP278 12/23/2021 8:58 am $9,700.00
steve67 12/22/2021 7:44 pm $9,500.00
RCP278 12/22/2021 7:44 pm $9,400.00 Auto
RCP278 12/22/2021 7:34 pm $9,200.00
steve67 12/22/2021 7:34 pm $9,000.00 Auto
steve67 12/22/2021 7:33 pm $8,800.00 Auto
RCP278 12/22/2021 7:33 pm $8,600.00
steve67 12/22/2021 4:44 pm $8,400.00
RCP278 12/22/2021 11:14 am $8,200.00
steve67 12/22/2021 11:14 am $8,000.00 Auto
steve67 12/21/2021 12:24 pm $7,000.00 Auto
RCP278 12/21/2021 12:24 pm $6,800.00
steve67 12/17/2021 9:39 am $6,600.00 Auto
RCP278 12/17/2021 9:39 am $6,400.00
steve67 12/16/2021 8:38 pm $6,200.00 Auto
Bruno 12/16/2021 8:38 pm $6,000.00
steve67 12/14/2021 8:26 pm $5,800.00 Auto
LHRG 12/14/2021 8:26 pm $5,600.00
steve67 12/14/2021 8:26 pm $5,400.00 Auto
LHRG 12/14/2021 8:26 pm $5,200.00
steve67 12/06/2021 9:50 pm $5,000.00
Sale Started 12/05/2021 8:27 pm
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