Tri Paint Lady (Lexi)


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Horse Details

Missouri Fox Trotter

Laurens, SC



Bay and White





Trail, Ranch Work, Western/Gaited Dressage, Driving, Cowboy Mounted Shooting, Trail Obstacles, English


Tri Paint Lady (aka Lexi) is a 4-year-old registered Missouri Fox Trotter mare. She is 15 hands. Lexi is a very gentle, very honest horse. She is just a sweet, sweet soul. She loves attention, grooming, and in general, she loves people. She is a joy and a pleasure to ride in any setting, from the trails to the ring for gaited dressage practice, to working cows, to driving in harness, to training for cowboy mounted shooting (video footage available in Lexi- Guns and Cows). Lexi has excelled at everything we asked her to do.  She is a 4-year-old horse with the mindset of a 15-year-old experienced horse.  Her maturity and easy, gentle nature allowed me to work on things with her that I usually introduce to older horses with more experience.

She has a great gait and is a very solid, fearless trail horse. I have hauled this mare nearly every weekend to trail ride. She is a joy to ride in groups, and she also rides by herself without fear and spookiness. I have really enjoyed heading out alone, with just Lexi, for some solitude on the trail. You can sit back, relax and enjoy your ride without being dependent on other horses to give her confidence.  (Please see the video Lexi & Selfie Stick-Solo Trail Ride, I did my best with a self-stick to demonstrate her self-confidence on the trail).

During the week, I work in the ring on gaited dressage/western dressage tests, trail obstacles, and desensitizing. She is great at moving cows, always quiet in the herd, and she is also broke to a working harness and broke to drive.

Conformation: Lexi has very good conformation and structure. She is well-built, with great bone, clean legs, and solid, classic MFT feet. All her toes point forward.

Farrier: Lexi is referred to as a “sweetheart” by my farrier. (My vet also indicated she has an excellent disposition on the wellness exam) She is very well-behaved for the farrier and has been on a regular shoeing or trim schedule for two years.

Health: Lexi is UTD on vaccinations and deworming, and her teeth were recently floated by my veterinarian.

Hauling: Lexi loads and travels very well; her most recent trip was to my Dad’s farm in Missouri in early September.

Gait: Lexi has incredible ground covering Flat Foot Walk. She has smooth Fox Trot as well. There is no trick to keeping her in gait, and you can ride her in a simple snaffle, a Wonder bit, and a western bosal. She is content to do a simple trail walk to ride with non-gaited horses on a loose rein, or you move her out and boogie.

Trail Riding: Lexi will ride in the front, middle, and back. I have ridden her in groups and alone. She is so much fun to ride and easy to ride, easy to gait. I have ridden side by side with a stud horse, in groups, and she is always well-behaved. She keeps her mind “in the bridle” and does her job. She does not look for boogers. She is not spooky.  She has a lot of heart and endurance for the hard hills of Missouri and Georgia.  She has been in very rough terrain and is sure-footed. She drinks on the trail when you come to water.  She stays hydrated easily when you go on long trail rides.

Traffic and Bicycles: Lexi is traffic and bicycle safe (video footage available in Lexi Intro video). Lexi is also familiar with farm equipment like tractors, pickup trucks, and 4-wheelers, and my Dad’s mini-truck in Missouri. She does not spook around farm machinery or bicycles on the trail.

Training: I have trained Lexi through my regular program, which focuses first and foremost on balance and consistency in the gait so that you are not mechanically maintaining a gait with a special bit. Lexi is very naturally gaited. Lexi has also been introduced to low-level, gaited/western dressage tests. She is working laterally (two-track, side pass, leg yield). She maintains her gait in circles.  She responds to simple half-halts to reduce her speed and maintain her gait. You will see Lexi’s western training includes solid stops, a great neck rein, working cows, and opening gates. She has become pretty handy around cows and gaits.

Driving Training: I have also broke Lexi to a working harness, and she has drug large tires and my ring harrow. She is also broke to pull a cart.  Dragging the tire and the ring harrow demonstrates that she drives and that very loud noises behind her do not scare her.

Exposure/Desensitizing: You can shoot a gun off Lexi. You can run a leaf blower off Lexi. Overall, I have worked to desensitize Lexi to anything I can think of. You will see in videos that I keep many items (aka junk) around the farm to use to desensitize horses.

Additional Video: This is the link to my YouTube channel.  You can see more videos of Lexi. Short video vignettes show additional things Lexi has been exposed to.  Look for videos with Lexi in the title.

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