TK Lady Darlin

Cassidy E Lastine
Grand Junction CO


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Horse Details

Missouri Fox Trotter

Cassidy E Lastine

Grand Junction, CO

Black & White Paint




Black and White

Trail riding, Endurance, Arena work


TK Lady Darlin, aka Lady, is a fourteen-year-old Missouri Fox trotter. Lady, a flashy black and white paint is an eye-catching mare both in the arena and on the trail. Standing 15.1 hands, Lady is a perfect size for any rider. She was just seen by the vet and has had no health issues to date. Lady has great feet and has never had any lameness issues. She has been ridden with shoes and barefoot and does great either way. Lady has never been bred but could make a fantastic breeding mare at some point. Her colors are absolutely stunning, and her conformation is nearly flawless.

Lady was bred locally on the western slope at a Missouri fox trotter ranch. She was bred for color, bloodlines, and good confirmation. Lucky enough to acquire all three traits, Lady is a rare example of a fox trotter that truly showcases the best of the breed.

While we have owned Lady, we have used her as a trail horse. Living in western Colorado, we have access to amazing desert and mountain terrain. Lady is fantastic on the trail. She is smooth and confident, able to ride at any position within a group.
Lady does fine being ridden alone but struggles to leave a group. This is her primary flaw. Lady crosses water, crosses bridges, walks over logs, through mud, and up and downhills. She is sure-footed and is a trustworthy horse.

Lady loads in the trailer, ties, stands to be bathed, groomed, and all other ground manners. She is incredibly personable and loves people. Lady wants to please and is a horse that will give you her best effort all day long.

Cassidy E Lastine
Grand Junction CO


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