The Amber Prince (Bo)

Mel Thomas
Pleasant Hill, IA 50327



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Horse Details

Tennessee Walking Horse

Mel Thomas

Pleasant Hill, IA


Amber Champagne




Snip; Coronet

Gaited, Trail, Family Safe,

Description: Introducing the Amber Prince aka “Bo”! Bo is a registered Tennessee Walking Horse. He is a quite gentle gelding that stands 15.1H. Bo is the most versatile walking horse we have owned, he is an absolute gentleman is every situation.

He has excellent ground manners and respects his handler’s space at all times from the experienced horseman to the beginner child. Bo is not just a horse that is passing through our barn, he has been a beloved part of our family for 4 years. He is for sale due to no fault of his own and only because his partner has health issues. Bo has no vices, or bad habits whatsoever! He is quite and gentle and extremely easy to handle.

Bo stands perfect for the vet and farrier, stands tied all day or night without a single complaint. You will never see Bo get sqirmie in the trailer or while tied for a long period of time. He will not paw, dance or pull back. Bo is happy to put with up endless hours of the kids silly shenanigans. He allows them to climb, jump, hang and drag him around the yard-so to speak, for as long as they wish. As you will see in the video Bo is very accustom to busy, and sometimes hectic environments, including; living next door to 5 grand kids, dogs, cats, chickens, ducks, swing sets, bikes, four wheels, tractors and skid loaders. Not to mention he is completely traffic safe!

Bo has been on countless camping trips including several trips to Eminence, Mo. trail riding in the beautiful Ozark Mountains. He has ridden miles and miles of trails all over the mid west including through water, bridges, brush, mountains, and some of the toughest terrain, he is fearless and goes where you ask him every time. Bo has competed and won several walking horse gaited pleasure classes in the show ring. His beautiful color and build is sure to get you noticed wherever you are. He will ride in a group of walking horses at whichever pace you would like and he will slow down to ride with the kids on their mules. He is not dependent on the company of other horses. He is happy in the barn or pasture alone but is also a gentleman in a crowd. Bo is at the low end of the pecking order and does not fight with others in his space.

Bo has been desensitized to about any object you can think of. He parks out to mount and dismount. From standing at 15.1 down to about 14.2 while parked out! He lunges, backs up, side passes, turns on his forehand and hunches from the ground and while mounted.

If you are looking for a beautiful, quiet, gentle-gentle horse you have found him right here. He wants to be your best friend and confident partner. His disposition is like none other and he will work his hardest to please.


Description #2…
If we showed you the full capability of this horse the video would just go on and on forever. Bo is a horse of endless capabilities and willingness to try. He is an absolute pleaser and protector of his riders. He will take care of you all through the ride and considers the rider. He is cautious of small riders and listens to each command carefully.
Many of the things done is his video are just ideas that came to us as we recorded and none of which were ever practiced.
Bo loads and unloads with ease as well and has hauled in stock and enclosed trailers. He also is accustomed to loading in a side load trailer as well. As some of you that have used them before know there is a slight learning curve to a side load in which there is a small turn in the trailer to load and unload.
As a man of almost 67 years old and an owner of horses all my life, the plain old truth is Bo is by far the best horse I have ever owned. This is an opportunity for you to own the best as I am no longer able to fully utilize Bo’s capabilities.

Winning Offer: $16,700.00

Mel Thomas
Pleasant Hill, IA 50327


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Item condition: New

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TwinPonds 08/30/2020 7:03 pm $16,700.00 Auto
TinaEA 08/30/2020 7:03 pm $16,500.00
TwinPonds 08/30/2020 6:59 pm $16,200.00 Auto
TinaEA 08/30/2020 6:59 pm $16,000.00
TwinPonds 08/30/2020 6:55 pm $15,601.00
LoriZ 08/30/2020 6:55 pm $15,401.00 Auto
LoriZ 08/30/2020 6:53 pm $13,200.00 Auto
TinaEA 08/30/2020 6:53 pm $13,000.00
LoriZ 08/30/2020 6:50 pm $12,700.00
TinaEA 08/30/2020 6:50 pm $12,500.00 Auto
TinaEA 08/30/2020 6:50 pm $12,400.00
Eri 08/30/2020 6:42 pm $12,200.00
TinaEA 08/30/2020 6:42 pm $12,000.00 Auto
TinaEA 08/30/2020 5:34 pm $11,500.00 Auto
robinsnest 08/30/2020 5:34 pm $11,300.00
TinaEA 08/30/2020 4:14 pm $10,900.00
robinsnest 08/30/2020 2:55 pm $10,700.00
TinaEA 08/30/2020 2:55 pm $10,500.00 Auto
TinaEA 08/30/2020 1:20 pm $10,450.00
robinsnest 08/30/2020 1:20 pm $10,250.00 Auto
robinsnest 08/29/2020 6:28 pm $10,200.00 Auto
TinaEA 08/29/2020 6:28 pm $10,000.00
robinsnest 08/28/2020 6:37 pm $9,800.00 Auto
TinaEA 08/28/2020 6:37 pm $9,600.00
robinsnest 08/27/2020 6:28 pm $9,400.00 Auto
TinaEA 08/27/2020 6:28 pm $9,200.00
robinsnest 08/26/2020 6:58 pm $9,000.00 Auto
TinaEA 08/26/2020 6:58 pm $8,800.00
robinsnest 08/25/2020 8:39 pm $8,600.00
TinaEA 08/25/2020 8:35 pm $8,400.00
robinsnest 08/25/2020 6:18 pm $8,200.00 Auto
Eri 08/25/2020 6:18 pm $8,100.00
robinsnest 08/25/2020 6:17 pm $7,900.00 Auto
Eri 08/25/2020 6:17 pm $7,700.00
robinsnest 08/25/2020 6:16 pm $7,500.00 Auto
Eri 08/25/2020 6:16 pm $7,300.00
robinsnest 08/25/2020 5:56 pm $7,100.00
Eri 08/25/2020 3:15 pm $6,900.00
OlsonPark 08/25/2020 2:25 pm $6,700.00
Eri 08/24/2020 9:28 pm $6,500.00
TinaEA 08/24/2020 8:14 pm $6,300.00
5G Farms 08/23/2020 6:48 pm $6,100.00
Breezy 08/23/2020 4:50 pm $5,900.00
5G Farms 08/23/2020 2:08 pm $5,700.00
t12246 08/21/2020 12:08 pm $5,500.00
Breezy 08/17/2020 3:27 pm $5,300.00
5G Farms 08/17/2020 3:25 pm $5,100.00
Breezy 08/17/2020 3:00 pm $4,900.00
5G Farms 08/17/2020 12:35 pm $4,700.00
Alter 08/17/2020 12:33 pm $4,500.00 Auto
5G Farms 08/17/2020 12:33 pm $4,400.00
Alter 08/17/2020 11:37 am $4,200.00
5G Farms 08/17/2020 11:37 am $4,000.00 Auto
5G Farms 08/17/2020 10:16 am $3,500.00
Sale Started 08/16/2020 7:22 pm
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