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Atlee Mast
Auburn, Ky 42206
(270) 246-1060


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Atlee Mast

Auburn, KY


Palomino Roan





Sidepasses for mount and dismount, Whips, Gunfire, Hunting, Lays down to Mount, Rides Brideless, Rides Double, Trail


Tex is seven-year-old palomino Roan gelding,
15 hands tall. He will be eight years old in June.
Tex is one of the best all-around Mule’s I have ever owned. You can leave this mule standing in the barn for a week at a time and then get him out and put a saddle on him, and he won’t move until you ask him to. He will walk right off with no problem. You can throw a rope off of him, pop a bullwhip, shoot a shotgun while sitting on his back. As good of a hunting mule I have ever ridden. He is good with dogs, trial ridding you can ride in front or back and middle it doesn’t matter to him. He is content where ever he is. He rides away from the barn with no problems and rides away from other horses at a trail ride with no issues. Tex will go thru mud, water, up steep hills, and down. Side passes over to the mounting block for you to mount. Trots, Lopes, circles, and takes the correct leads. Walkes in and out of the trailer easily. As you can see in the videos, six different people are riding him. He is a very personable type of mule.
If you want a really good mule, don’t miss this one. We welcome you to come and ride, and we recommend you too!!!
Wire transfer is expected by the end of the first business day after the sale ends.
Thank you!

Contact Seller For More Information
Atlee Mast
Auburn, Ky 42206
(270) 246-1060

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