Tequila Blue


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Horse Details

Tennessee Walking Horse

Rockholds, KY



Blue Roan




Small star, Black points, Blue Roan coat color

Experienced trail horse, Showing, good ground manners, handles well, field trial prospect


I proudly introduce to you Tequila Blue! If you are looking for something that is extraordinary, special, sweet, beautiful, and talented, I encourage you to take a look at Tequila Blue!

Tequila Blue, Aka Tequila, is a 2018 model blue roan registered Tennessee Walking Horse gelding. He stands a solid 14.3 hh and is easy to get along with! Tequila has an incredible gait, smooth flat walk, and is so pretty to look at! He was foaled on April 8, 2018. He is currently 4 yrs old but will turn 5 yrs old this spring. I think he is a perfect age, old enough to have mileage and experience under his belt, yet young enough to have many years left to enjoy with his new riding partner. Tequila has a very gentle disposition and likes to please his owner. He is wise beyond his years and always willing to learn anything you bring his way.

Tequila is an experienced trail horse and has seen many miles of trails. He has been in our program for the majority of this year. I have enjoyed using him as one of my personal handy trail horses this spring, summer, and fall. He is an awesome and fun ride! Tequila has experienced almost everything you could think of a trail horse doing or encountering. As you will see in many of the videos, Tequila carefully maneuvers himself through thick, steep, or rocky terrain and uses his sensible mind to work through challenging places on the trail. He willingly crosses mud puddles, creeks, logs, slick rocks, etc. He has encountered many types of wildlife on the trail, such as deer, turkey, squirrels, rabbits, etc. Tequila has been trail-ridden locally as well as hauled to riding camps. He quietly rides right away from the barn and is quiet anywhere you haul him out to ride. Tequila confidently rides alone or in groups. I have had him in groups as small as 2 or 3 horses and as large as 80+ horses! He is content and quietly rides in the front, back, or middle. Tequila Blue is just an all-around fun, drama-free trail horse!

Not only is Tequila a fun, experienced trail mount, but he is also educated and experienced in being respectful on the ground! Tequila is an affectionate horse and loves attention. He is easy to catch both in his stall and in the pasture. He is respectful of fences and his stable. He ties, leads, and respects your space. Tequila stands quietly to be groomed, handle his hooves to be cleaned out, and for the farrier, he stands to be tacked up, bridled, blanketed, and for his tail to be braided and put up! He also loads and unloads well from the trailer. He is an enjoyable and pleasant horse to have around.

Tequila has handled anything we have done with him well. From riding through obstacles of tires, riding by tarps, wearing ponchos in the rain, to leading dogs with us from his back. He also stands well to mount and dismount. I have mounted him from the mounting block, banks/ditches while out on the trail, from the ground, and even from the side of the horse trailer. I don’t like to consider any horse kid safe because they are a living animal, but I am confident enough in Tequila to allow an 11 yr old girl to trail ride him with us. She loved him, and he did great for her. He is laid back and enjoyable to trail ride. If you enjoy taking your time and enjoying the scenery, Tequila is content to do just that. He doesn’t mind being left behind in a group and responds to what you ask him to do. I have ridden him bareback and even bridle-less. He also doesn’t mind carrying saddlebags. Tequila is easy to handle and get along with and quietly rides on a loose rein. Someone is going to love this nice horse!

If you have read this far, I am sure you are beginning to love Tequila Blue as much as we do. What is there not to love? Tequila is a prime age, a convenient size, a beautiful true blue roan, and has a thick mane and tail to die for! He is also super sensible, registered with the TWHBEA, and super smooth! He is sure to get you noticed anywhere you go! He is a superb trail horse, could do well in shows because of his classy elegance, and has a mind that would allow him to be a good field trial prospect.

I could continue on and on about this impeccable horse, but I will let his videos do the talking. We have put together tons of video footage for you to meet Tequila Blue virtually. His videos show him doing almost everything I have mentioned and more. I recommend watching them all! While Tequila is a great horse and also a happy, healthy horse. Tequila has UTD-negative coggins pulled on September 13th, a clean vet inspection is done on October 31st, dewormed with quest in the spring, and ivermectin on November 3rd, and was vaccinated on October 31st. His vaccination included eastern and western encephalitis, tetanus, rabies, west Nile, flu, and rhino. Tequila is ready to go and do anything you want! I also want to include a little about Tequila’s life outside the saddle. Tequila is both stalled and pastured, depending on the weather. He keeps a free choice of mixed grass hay, mixed grass while pastured, and all of the freshwater he wants, and he is fed two scoops of grain per day and one scoop of alfalfa pellets. He is pretty much content any way you want to keep him.

I hope my videos and description give you a good insight into who Tequila is! I am happy to be offering this fine horse! I feel he represents the breed and their versatility very well. I strongly encourage and welcome you to come to meet him in person throughout this period of the auction. Please contact me, Jordan Payne,  with any questions or to discuss this once-in-a-lifetime horse! Thanks!


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