Mckenzee Newton
Frankfort, Ky 40601


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Horse Details

Tennessee Walking Horse

Mckenzee Newton

Cynthiana, KY



Palomino Roan




Small star on his forehead

Trail horse, gaited, tricks, show, family horse, side pass for mounting, lay down on tap cue, ground tie, ect


Tapadero is the whole package! This registered 5-year-old Palomino Roan, Tennessee, Walking Horse stands at 15 hands. His beautiful build matches his personality and his smooth, sure-footed gait.

Build a lifetime connection with Tapadero! From being the easiest horse in the field to catch, to side passing to anything for an easy mount, to going on night rides in unfamiliar territory, this guy will have your back and keep you SAFE!

Speaking of safe, Tapadero helps kids learn to ride. He also takes confident first-timers on the trail. He is truly in his element when he is out trail riding.

Check it out! Tapadero will:
✓ Stand to mount
✓ Side pass to mounting block or whatever is close by
✓ Lay down to mount
✓ Lay down on tap cue
✓ Walk across and ride with a tarp
✓ Ride in traffic safely
✓ Ground tie for tacking, untacking, trimming and shoeing, bathing, or just standing on the trail
✓ Load at liberty
✓ Unload
✓ Carry a flag
✓ Walk on a loose rein
✓ Run walk
✓ Gait
✓ Lope easily
Also, Stands tied to the trailer or high line for overnight rides

He will do it all and more!!!

Ride him alone for a pleasant, relaxing stroll or go with a huge group and hang out with the best of them. Up mountains, down bluffs, over bridges, across rivers, over downed trees? No problem for this guy. He’s been ridden in some of the roughest terrains in Eastern Kentucky and Tennessee. Worried about getting caught in the dark? No worries, he rides just as sure-footed at night as in daylight. Tapadero is a horse you can always trust to take you home safely.

Mckenzee Newton
Frankfort, Ky 40601

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