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Horse Details

Hackney Pony

Fort Collins, CO






RH Fetlock; LF/LH Pastern

Dressage, Trail riding, Mountain riding, Ranch work



Sven is a ten-year-old, extremely talented, and athletic 13.2-hand Hackney pony!

We have been blown away by this pony’s talent and try! He has been such a gem, from simple arena work to packing up into the mountains and daring the town rides.

Sven is extremely quick and witty and picks up on everything we’ve thrown at him in no time at all! Sven is quite the trailblazer as well! We took Sven on a 10-mile trail into the mountains, where he led the whole crew and was not exhausted! He handled rough terrain and steep trails like a pro.

We have also taken him into town and around some crazy traffic! Semis, bikes, dogs (even a train!)

Sven is talented enough to go from pushing cattle out on the ranch to dressing up English and hitting the dressage or jumping ring! He is absolutely one of the prettiest movers you’ll see!

Watch his video and come check this absolutely stunning boy out.

He’d look extremely cute under the tree!

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