Cassie Sazima
Boyd, TX 76023


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Horse Details

Quarter Horse

Cassie Sazima

Boyd, TX


Dappled Grey




Black points on the ear, mane and legs

Trail, Parades, Rodeo, Kid Safe, Bombproof, Rides Bridleless


Sterling is your dream horse!


Sterling is a beautiful 8 year old dapple gray with dark legs. She is a eye catcher. Stands 14.3 HH. She is a phenomenal horse and is worth her weight in gold.

She would be a great kids horse, family, or beginner trail horse. She doesn’t take advantage of any rider that is on her. Or you can teach her something new like roping or barrels! Very light on her feet and quick.

Sterling has done everything. She’s very handy and willing, she has worked cattle and checked fences. Used extensively on trails and been in town. She is more willing to do anything you ask, she had a pair of little girls walk/ trot/ lope her riding double. She’s more than fine to just relax and stroll in the woods or to pick up speed and run play days. You can ride her in anything. You can ride her bareback or brideless, or even both! Doesn’t matter what you pick she rides the same! You don’t have to worry about her picking up the correct leads, she does it all herself and she has the smoothest lope. She has smooth transitions with no funny business. Moves off leg and gives to pressure very easily. She’s uncomplicated to ride and very easy to get along with. You can open and shut gates on her, she doesn’t walk off on you. She crosses creeks and bridges like it’s no big deal. Nothing will bother this mare! She does great when traveling to new places. She’s not buddy or barn sour, doesn’t get hot and prancey. She’s QUIET.

She is SAFE, you can take her anywhere and put anyone on her. She’s traffic safe! Doesn’t bat an eye when cars zoom past, honk, or come up from behind. She has been exposed to many things like dogs, four wheelers, cars, balloons, tarps, flags, whips, etc. She is my go to trail horse since she is very confident in herself. Animals rustling in the bushes, trash, and deer don’t bother her. You can depend on her to not jump out from under you. She is very sure-footed, you won’t have to worry about her tripping on anything or coming up sore the next day.

Sterling is very sweet and doesn’t have a mare-ish attitude, she’s always the first to come up for pets or food. She talks to you at the gate and gets along with other horses very well. You don’t have to worry about her bitting, kicking, bolting, bucking, or rearing. She’s as honest as they come. Picks up all of her feet and is easy to shoe, bathes great, and ties for hours.

She is great horse and she is gentle for anyone to ride. She has all the color and shape in the world and not to mention SAFE! Sterling is one of a kind !!

Winning Offer: $7,200.00

Cassie Sazima
Boyd, TX 76023

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Item condition: New

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Highest bidder was: bjb

Name Time Offer Auto
bjb 08/21/2022 9:54 am $7,200.00
holegang 08/21/2022 9:49 am $7,000.00
bjb 08/21/2022 8:59 am $6,800.00
holegang 08/21/2022 8:43 am $6,600.00
Maveb 08/21/2022 7:35 am $6,400.00
krisallyn1214 08/21/2022 7:34 am $6,200.00 Auto
Maveb 08/21/2022 7:34 am $6,000.00
krisallyn1214 08/21/2022 4:34 am $5,800.00
holegang 08/20/2022 2:58 am $5,600.00
Embersky 08/20/2022 2:58 am $5,500.00 Auto
Embersky 08/19/2022 11:55 am $5,300.00
holegang 08/19/2022 10:37 am $5,100.00
Embersky 08/19/2022 10:37 am $5,000.00 Auto
Embersky 08/17/2022 3:17 pm $4,900.00
DTREABZI8435 08/11/2022 5:48 pm $4,700.00
Embersky 08/11/2022 5:48 pm $4,500.00 Auto
Embersky 08/11/2022 12:58 pm $4,300.00
DTREABZI8435 08/11/2022 12:42 pm $4,100.00
bjb 08/10/2022 1:28 pm $3,900.00
Hondo2014 08/10/2022 12:03 pm $3,700.00
Sandra Fox 08/10/2022 12:03 pm $3,600.00 Auto
Sandra Fox 08/08/2022 5:34 pm $3,500.00
Sale Started 08/07/2022 7:53 pm
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