Dillon Asher
White Rock Stables
Mount Vernon, Ky 40456


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Horse Details

Single Footing Horse

White Rock Stables

Mount Vernon KY






  • Breed: Single Footing Horse
  • Listed By: White Rock Stables
  • Location: Mount Vernon KY
  • Registered: No
  • Color: Buckskin
  • Height: 14.2 hh
  • Foal Date: 01/18/2016
  • Sex: Mare
  • Markings: None

Description: Meet Spirit!!!! Do you have the need the need for speed but still want the safety and security of an easy going trail horse. Spirit is exactly that!! She’s like the sports edition Cadillac with a big V8 engine that can get gone but also able to ease along on cruise control. Spirit is a stocky built 14.2 hh 4 year old single footing mare. She has the nice easy going slow racking gait that’s super fancy and very smooth. But can also get on out and shift gears racking all the way up to 20 mph. Don’t let the speed scare you she is perfectly content with walking along on a loose rein or slow gaiting. It’s kinda like this it’s there if you want it but you don’t have too. Kinda like having a truck that’s registered for 120 mph. You may only go that fast once or maybe never but it’s still cool to know you can. Spirit was born and raised right in the mountains of Eastern Ky where they know how to make a good racking horse. She has lots of trail miles under her belt. She has been to every big trail ride around and was always turning heads and making mouths water. They also seemed to never miss their local fun shows where they would stock pile up on ribbons and trophies. Because I’m going to tell you this mare has enough style to place in the toughest classes and more times than not bring home the win! Spirit is super friendly and likes people. Handles quietly and is great for the farrier. Easy to tack up and stands perfect to mount. She always rides off slow and easy. She rides out with or without company. She is very brave and eager to please. Rides anywhere in a group front back or middle doesn’t make any difference to her. We done talked about her gait but we didn’t talk about something she does that not many other horses like her can do. She has the smoothest rocking chair canter you will ever sit in and she will do it right out of a walk if you ask her too. Best part is you can lope her off or gait her fast and she will always calm right down and go back to walking afterwards never getting hot and fiery. Spirit is a great trail horse. You point her she will go. Up and down the steepest rough terrain, through all types of water, over fallen trees and slippery rocks. You name it she will go. Spirit is great around traffic and ATV’s. Safe around livestock and wildlife. I personally have checked my cows off her several times. If you are looking for that Sports Package with grandma comfort Spirit is your girl!! I can honestly say I don’t know where another one like her is anywhere. To have the looks, brains and ability that she does is 1 in a million!! So what are you waiting for watch the video and get them bids in!!! You will not be disappointed!!!

Dillon Asher
White Rock Stables
Mount Vernon, Ky 40456

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