Dawn Johnson
Apache Junction, AZ 95119


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Horse Details

Tennessee Walking Horse

Dawn Johnson

Apache Junction, AZ







Trail horse supreme, Gaited


Spiderman is rare if you want a trouble-free glide ride on any trails you pick. This young horse is as sensible as he is beautiful, combined with perfect conformation, clean legs and feet, perfect size, and impeccable manners.
Spider is not herd or barn sour, rides alone and in groups in the lead, or follows just as great. I have to say I have never seen him spook, jump at anything, or refuse anything. He’s truly amazing and has his whole life ahead of him.
Spider is traffic safe, used to dogs and wildlife, riding urban and rural areas with all that goes along with it.
Spider has no holes. He’s perfect for horse camping, trailering, and leading scared horses through trails and has the perfect balance of getting up and going in his natural, creamy smooth gait or relaxed walk.
Spider has traveled and ridden all around the country, from Kentucky to the coast of Oregon, and is enjoying Arizona.
This symmetrically marked dark silver roan sabino youngster is a one-of-a-kind horse of a lifetime looking for a forever home to enjoy all he has to offer.
Watch his unrehearsed videos, and you will see his gentle and willing temperament, which is his true nature.

Dawn Johnson
Apache Junction, AZ 95119

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