Debbie Grier
Lexington, Ky 40515


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Debbie Grier

Lexington, KY







ride, drive, trail ride, jump


Spanky is a one of a kind pony, and I can’t wait to place him with his next kiddo!
He raised 3 kids at his last home and is ready to raise more!
He has a really nice stop and goes where you point him whether you are driving or riding.
He is perfect to drive or ride. The little girl in the video has never driven by herself, and he was perfect, and they had a blast.
He will walk, trot, canter, jump, trail ride, and drive!! The kids have been literally all over him, and he doesn’t mind at all!
No buck, bite, kick or run off!
Not barn sour or buddy sour.
He is healthy, sound, and sane!
He’s great to catch, saddle, groom, lead, and trailer.

Debbie Grier
Lexington, Ky 40515

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