Sour Dough


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Fort Collins, CO







Ranch, Trails, Roping, Dragging, Gathering, Gates, Arena


Sour Dough is a young gelding with a great start and so much potential to go in many directions. He is soft in the bridle and started In all ranch aspects. He ropes and drags at the brandings and drags calves for tagging and banding. He is used to doctoring out in the pasture. He has lots of stamina for the big circles checking cattle. He will trot out all day checking fences and gathering cattle. He is great on the trail crossing anything you throw at him, including rivers, bridges, tunnels, joggers, and bicyclists; he’s seen it all. He is great with a bullwhip, as seen in the video. He is extremely sure-footed, as seen in the video. He has plenty of bone and is barefoot in all videos. He gets along well with others in pasture and pens. He is an easy keeper. Loads and unloads as one should. He is stout and ready to go in so many directions. Would make an excellent vaulting horse, your next jousting horse, or ranch and trail. He is a serious horse and covers ground no matter his gait. He knows his leads in the arena and outside. I would recommend him as an experienced rider. He turns on the front end and hind end. Side passes, works, gaits, ropes on both ends. Good to pick his feet up and great for the veterinarian. He does like to buddy up to you and earn your trust. He will side pass to pick you up on cue. Very nice young athletic serious horse ready for someone to take him to the next level!

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