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Horse Details

Tennessee Walking Horse

Fort Collins, CO


Black Roan




Star, Roaning

Trails, Gaited, Ranch, Flags, Babysitter


Socrates is as honest and safe as they come for anyone. He is very handy on the ranch doing all jobs as one should. He is spook-free, does great with time off, and is always on the same horse. He is no hassle in the pasture, stays out of trouble, and is easy to catch anywhere. He has a super smooth gait; he will walk out all day and canter. He goes in any direction you point him willingly, never balking. He is great with wildlife dogs, joggers, bicyclists, and ATVs, and nothing phases him. He’s the type of horse everyone will love, from serious ranch work to babysitting the little ones. He’s in your pocket, loves interacting, and is always ready to work or go smoothly down the trails. He will get you there safe and return safely. He rides out alone or in groups. Leads or follows, and he will be the one to teach your friend’s horse how to cross anything. He is great on the ground, with no buck, no kick, and no biting; he can also sit for months. Great with his feet. He is barefoot in every video and has hooves like iron. Easy keeper, no maintenance, stays healthy on pasture or hay, no grain needed. He is the right age if you’re looking for one to enjoy for many years. You will not find one with a better brain and so safe, no matter the level rider. Neck reins side passes works gaits. He’s just a pleasure to ride. He is as sure-footed as they get. We’ve hauled him from low country to high elevation, performing flawlessly. He does well high-lined or tied up to the trailer on overnights. Loads unload as one should. Great for vets and farriers. If you’re looking for a heart horse here, he is! Thank you in advance from Totonka Trail Equine!
We look forward to meeting everyone, talking to you, and answering any questions. Ask for the reserve, please, and we will share it. Shipping anywhere can be arranged. Payment is expected the next business day.
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