Smokey Valley Silver

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Bob Coleman
Olive Hill, KY 41164
(859) 559-3188


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Horse Details

Smokey Valley / TWH

Bob Coleman

Olive Hill, KY



Grey Sabino




both hind stockings, both fore knees, strip

Trail riding, Superb ride quality, Smooth gait speed range, Showing, Gunfire, Dogs, Ignores traffic, Bareback


Smokey Valley Silver is a stunning grey sabino 15hh double registered Smokey Valley/TWH Four 1/2-year-old gelding. Silver is kind, trusting, unflappable, and a wonderfully naturally gaited horse. He will perform perfect and smooth 4-beat gaits either barefoot or on simple, lightweight keg shoes all around.

At Smokey Valley, we have spent the last 40 years rigorously selecting and breeding horses from the TWH gene pool to consistently produce naturally gaited traveling horses of the finest kind ( We aim to produce gaited horses with exceptional ride quality and a smooth gait speed range. Our horses are bred and selected to perform the highly desirable running walk/rack gaits naturally and eliminate the undesirable pace, which is too prevalent in the gaited horse world. Horses that meet or exceed the demanding criteria for inclusion in the Smokey Valley Horse Registry are very hard to find. Smokey Valley Silver is a rare opportunity to acquire and ride one of the best!

Silver is a truly royally bred lad. His direct sire and dam have accounted for more than 15 World Grand Championship wins in the TWH world, and Silver himself has impressive accomplishments and experience in the show ring.

Silver is the product of the highly evolved and effective natural training program at Smokey Valley. Our training goal is to produce a safe, secure, and highly capable trail and traveling companion.

Our horses are conditioned to heavy traffic, farm equipment of all kinds, dogs, gunfire, and especially the rough and rugged terrain of the eastern Kentucky hill country.

Silver is willing and affectionate with a wonderful “wants to please you” personality. He readily loads and unloads, stands for farrier, clips, bathes, sides up to mount, and stops immediately when you lean back in the saddle and put your legs out and forward.

We welcome visits to Smokey Valley Farm to get to know Silver better …. the more you see and experience him, the more you will fall in love with him. Call us to answer any questions and/or schedule a visit.

The buyer must place a $2000 non-refundable deposit by Venmo or PayPal immediately upon the end of the auction. Payment for the remaining balance must be received by wire transfer in our account no later than the following business day.

Current offer: $7,200.00

Contact Seller For More Information
Bob Coleman
Olive Hill, KY 41164
(859) 559-3188

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Item condition: New

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Ending On: 07/10/2022 3:00 pm

Timezone: America/Chicago

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Apache-Junction 06/25/2022 10:46 am $7,200.00
Kunzelman 06/24/2022 6:30 pm $7,000.00
Apache-Junction 06/24/2022 6:24 pm $6,800.00 Auto
Kunzelman 06/24/2022 6:24 pm $6,600.00
Apache-Junction 06/24/2022 12:28 pm $6,400.00
rdmriver 06/24/2022 11:31 am $6,200.00
ksanderson 06/24/2022 11:31 am $6,000.00 Auto
ksanderson 06/24/2022 8:27 am $5,300.00
Tyshia 06/21/2022 3:31 pm $5,100.00
meatman 06/21/2022 2:10 pm $4,900.00
Tyshia 06/21/2022 11:23 am $4,700.00
Tam 06/20/2022 11:08 am $4,500.00
Sale Started 06/19/2022 5:09 pm
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