Smokey Joes Cocoa Beach

Dillon Asher
White Rock Stables
Mount Vernon, Ky 40456


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Horse Details

Rocky Mountain Horse

Dillion Asher

Mount Vernon KY






  • Breed: Rocky Mountain
  • Listed By: White Rock Stables
  • Location: Mt Vernon, Ky
  • Registered: Yes
  • Color: Chocolate
  • Height: 16.1 hh
  • Foal Date: 09/16/2009
  • Sex: Gelding
  • Markings: See Papers

Description: Smokey Joes Cocoa Beach moves just as smooth as the waves rolling in over the sand! Cocoa is a big, stout built, 16.1hh gelding with a beautiful mane and tail. He is super smart and has been ridden lots of miles in multiple states. He rides great on trails, will cross creeks, ditches, logs and ride thru thick boggy mud. He will jump up banks or ride right off of them as well! He rides fine around traffic and is a non spooky, very confident, bold type of horse! Cocoa has the most perfect smoothest 4-beat gait that you will find! Slow or fast he will gait smoothly and correctly for any rider. Hours in the saddle will feel like mere minutes to your behind lol! Cocoa is a cruise control type of horse, meaning he just glides along at 6-7mph and can really cover the ground effortlessly! He is not a boring lazy type of horse, he is fun yet safe to ride! If your looking for a true glide ride and enjoy gliding along then you will love Smokey Joes Cocoa Beach!!!


Dillon Asher
White Rock Stables
Mount Vernon, Ky 40456

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