Slick’s Easy Rider (Slick)

Emerson Williams
Hillsboro, KY 41049


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Horse Details

Rocky Mountain Horse

Emerson Williams

Hillsboro, KY








Gaited, Trail, Fun Shows


Slick is a seven-year-old Registered Rocky Mountain gelding that has been extensively trail ridden all over eastern ky and Ohio. He’s never been shown in the major circuits but has attended some local fun shows and has never been best in the conformation classes. He’s absolutely stunning!! Build perfect for a Rocky Mountain standing at 14.2 hands tall and stocky enough to carry any size rider. Slick isn’t for beginners as he has some go to him, but he’s very controllable and easy to get along with. He’ll cross creeks, bridges, and water holes and does most obstacles (all the ones I’ve tried, he’s done). Has a great canter and pastures great with other horses. He’s low on the pecking order and will stand behind two strands of electric fence, and the fence doesn’t have to be on. He’ll ride anywhere in a group, front, middle, or back, or he’ll ride along alone. Located in Hillsboro, KY. Call Emerson Williams

Winning Offer: $9,000.00

Emerson Williams
Hillsboro, KY 41049

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Item condition: New

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Highest bidder was: Ponyup0725

Name Time Offer Auto
Ponyup0725 07/31/2022 3:47 pm $9,000.00 Auto
Whoknew 07/31/2022 3:47 pm $8,800.00
Ponyup0725 07/31/2022 3:47 pm $8,600.00 Auto
Whoknew 07/31/2022 3:47 pm $8,400.00
Ponyup0725 07/31/2022 3:47 pm $8,200.00 Auto
Whoknew 07/31/2022 3:47 pm $8,000.00
Ponyup0725 07/31/2022 3:45 pm $7,800.00 Auto
Whoknew 07/31/2022 3:45 pm $7,600.00
Ponyup0725 07/31/2022 3:21 pm $7,400.00
Whoknew 07/31/2022 7:45 am $7,200.00
Chelsea 07/31/2022 7:44 am $7,000.00 Auto
Whoknew 07/31/2022 7:44 am $6,900.00
Chelsea 07/30/2022 7:19 pm $6,700.00
pearce13 07/29/2022 8:11 pm $6,500.00 Auto
JulGre 07/29/2022 8:11 pm $6,400.00
pearce13 07/27/2022 12:47 pm $6,200.00 Auto
Ponyup0725 07/27/2022 12:47 pm $6,000.00
pearce13 07/26/2022 10:18 pm $4,450.00 Auto
Otis 07/26/2022 10:18 pm $4,250.00
pearce13 07/26/2022 10:41 am $3,900.00 Auto
Ponyup0725 07/26/2022 10:41 am $3,700.00
pearce13 07/23/2022 11:51 am $3,500.00
Sale Started 07/17/2022 7:27 pm
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