Dustyn Jackson
Laporte, CO 80535


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Horse Details

Missouri Fox Trotter

Totonka Trail Equine

Fort Collins, CO


Black White Paint





Trail, Gaited


Gentle Gentle Awesome Trail horse anyone can get along with and enjoy. She is safe to take out alone or in groups. She will walk all day or gait out nicely for you. She crosses whatever you point her at. She’s been in a mixed herd all winter in the pasture, getting along with everything. She’s not a dominant mare in the herd. She is low on the totem pole staying out of trouble. You wouldn’t know She’s a mare unless you checked. She loads great and unloads as one should. Does great traveling, eats, and drinks on the road. She loves crossing water and playing in it. She’s a very smooth ride at all gaits WGL. She is very sure-footed and pays attention to her foot placement on rough terrain. We’ve had her in the mountains all over and down in the low country. Performs excellent anywhere. Very easy to bridle as seen in the video, great to mount and dismount as seen. Not spooky or flighty as seen in the video. She’s super sweet and in your pocket and absolutely safe. If you’re looking for one to ride for many years to take you out and return safely with no-nonsense this is your one. With a saddle on or bareback. We look forward to meeting everyone. Payment is expected the next business day. Transportation can be arranged as well. Thank you feel free to call anytime or leave a text message and I will return your call. Thank you again.

Dustyn Jackson
Laporte, CO 80535

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