Sir Pepper

James J Juergens
Lamoni, IA 50140


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Horse Details

Missouri Foxtrotter X Tennessee Walker

James J Juergens

Lamoni, IA


Dapple Grey





Field trialing at the highest level, Judging, Handling, Scouting, Gallery riding, and bird planting, Shed hunting, Trail riding, Mounted shooting, Handling, Roping, Working cows, Fishing


Sir Pepper is truly a gem, a one-in-a-million horse. His story starts on a small family farm in Ellington, Missouri, where his mom, a gray Tennessee walker, had him for a perfect Mother’s Day gift on May 8, 2017. His dad is a black Missouri fox trotter, making him the perfect cross of trotter and walker. He was thoroughly enjoyed by the two teenage daughters on the farm, and one of the sisters, Leslie Dean, did a wonderful job of starting him. After his fourth birthday, he continued to Lotts Creek, his current home, to continue his training and learn some of his show-stopping tricks like laying down and standing up on command.
The list of abilities and different kinds of riding he has been used for is endless. To name a few: field trials at the highest level (call for details regarding this event), judging, handling, scouting, gallery riding, and bird planting. He has also been used for shed hunting, trail riding, mounted shooting, handling, roping, working cows, fishing, and even fun sports. He is well-traveled and has been to more than 15 to 20 states everywhere, from Texas to Canada, including cities like Cayenne, Chicago, and Kansas City. He is easy to load and unload, always backing out nice and slow. Traveling to town is one of his favorite activities. He loves the attention. This past summer, he did three town parades. Riding down the highway on the way into town with semis and cars whizzing past doesn’t bother him one bit. He is truly bomb-proof and won’t spook at gunshots, bow and arrow shots, whip cracking, motorcycles, cars, and even huge combines.
He loves to play and show off his tricks. He will lay down and stand up on command with a rider, rein without a bit or halter. He is broke to drive, come on command even in the dark, and so much more. You can cross any water or size log, side pass, crawl under him, pull his tail, stand on him, mount with your feet kicking over your head, rear dismount, and trust that he won’t move a muscle once he is parked out. He is even teased daily by the ranch dog pulling on his tail. He will not move when being saddled and drops his head for a bit. He has been outfitted with CSI blankets, myler bits, and English and Western tack. He loves endless grooming, having his feet picked and his tail tied before heading out. He won’t move once mounted until you cluck and has amazing ground manners, including being able to ground tie.
He is the perfect gentleman. He is the first one at the gate in the morning, even on a 100-acre pasture. He stands perfectly still for the vet and farrier. His coat pattern is to die for, and he has the perfect build for any activity. His disposition is unmatched, and he can be ridden every day for weeks on end or left in the pasture for a while, and his attitude is the same every time. His gait and transitions are smooth as butter, and he is always eager to respond to commands.
A note from a student: as a student of James, I have had the pleasure of first learning the basics and then seeing James use Pepper for more advanced riding. Being his favorite horse, it was no surprise to me how he catered to my needs as I developed as a rider. He is a beautiful horse with amazing ground manners and loves attention. Take a look at what he has to offer in the video below. We’re sure Pepper would love to meet you.

James J Juergens
Lamoni, IA 50140

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