Shakin‘ Kajun Casanova (Zeke)

Daniela Fleck
Rock Hill, SC 29730


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Missouri Foxtrotter

Daniela Fleck

Rock Hill, SC



Classic Champagne





Gaited, Trail Deluxe, Family Horse, Traffic Safe, Camping, Beach Ride


SAFE, SOUND, SWEET, and STUNNING! If you’re looking for a flashy horse that your husband can ride and is calm enough to take him out on the trails, then this is your horse.
Shakin‘ Kajun Casanova (aka Zeke) is a 5-year-old classic champagne MFT that turns people’s heads. He is an “in your pocket” type horse who wants to be friends with everyone. He loves to cuddle and seems delighted to have you hug and hang off of him. Zeke is just so kind, gentle, and unflappable. He’ll go for a trail ride with you for several hours and won’t get tired. He LOVES trail riding. Zeke’s gait is super smooth, and his lope is a dream. He has a strong walk but can stop and wait patiently if someone rides slower with him.
Zeke is responsive to cues, not spooky, rides in a snaffle, and stands to be mounted. He will pick you up at the mountain block too. He’ll go out alone or in a big group and has been on many different trails. Zeke has been when he was four years old with over 1000 horses camping at the AHA Myrtle Beach ride. He was AMAZING. He was calm and relaxed. I had the feeling he enjoyed it. Zeke is trained to give good experiences in a relaxed environment to teach him confidence, obedience, and to enjoy his job. Thus, he’s a very solid and willing young horse who thinks doing things with people is fun.
If you want a trail horse, he has all the fundamentals. If you want a show horse, it won’t be a problem. Zeke knows already collection. He is soft in his face and responsive. He trailers, bathes, and ties…anything we can think to do with him, he’s happy to cooperate with.
Give me a call if you want to meet him in person or if you have any more questions and want to come for a test ride.

Winning Offer: $10,000.00

Daniela Fleck
Rock Hill, SC 29730

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Ecaldwell 08/14/2022 7:00 pm $10,000.00 Auto
Ecaldwell 08/14/2022 6:44 pm $9,400.00 Auto
Gwilliams 08/14/2022 6:44 pm $9,200.00
Ecaldwell 08/14/2022 6:43 pm $9,000.00 Auto
Gwilliams 08/14/2022 6:43 pm $8,800.00
Ecaldwell 08/14/2022 5:09 pm $8,400.00 Auto
Terri.steel 08/14/2022 5:09 pm $8,200.00
Ecaldwell 08/14/2022 5:09 pm $8,000.00 Auto
Terri.steel 08/14/2022 5:09 pm $7,800.00
Ecaldwell 08/14/2022 5:08 pm $7,400.00 Auto
Terri.steel 08/14/2022 5:08 pm $7,200.00
Ecaldwell 08/14/2022 8:57 am $6,700.00 Auto
LB 08/14/2022 8:57 am $6,500.00
Ecaldwell 08/14/2022 8:57 am $6,100.00 Auto
LB 08/14/2022 8:57 am $5,900.00
Ecaldwell 08/11/2022 8:05 am $5,700.00 Auto
thc 08/11/2022 8:05 am $5,500.00
Ecaldwell 08/11/2022 8:03 am $5,300.00 Auto
thc 08/11/2022 8:03 am $5,100.00
Ecaldwell 08/11/2022 8:01 am $4,800.00 Auto
thc 08/11/2022 8:01 am $4,600.00
Ecaldwell 08/09/2022 11:58 am $4,400.00
Ldrakern64 08/08/2022 9:07 am $4,200.00
emmitch777 08/07/2022 12:42 pm $4,000.00
Sale Started 07/31/2022 8:15 pm
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