Jamie Thomason
Auburn, KY 42206


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Percheron/Quarter Horse Cross

Jamie Thomason

Auburn, KY






Blaze, Dapples

All Around, Athletic, Breeding, Cross, Dappled, Draft, Dressage, Driving, Harness, Husband Safe, Parade, Pleasure Driving, Ranch Work, Ridden English, Ridden Western, Trail, Trail Riding, Trained, Working


The athleticism, agility, and versatility of the quarter horse, paired with the calm demeanor, willing mind, and strong bone of the Percheron, make Scarlett the perfect cross!

Scarlett is a gorgeous grey 4-year-old mare covered in dapples, accented with a frosty white mane and tail, standing at a rider-friendly 16 hands. Scarlett has the foundation and potential to be taken in any direction. She rides both English & Western. She is experienced and comfortable both on the trail and in the arena. Scarlett lopes circles on the correct lead in both directions, side passes, neck reins or direct reins depending on rider preference, moves off leg pressure, stops, & backs. On the trail, Scarlett confidently goes where she is pointed. Crosses water and limbs and navigates rough terrain with ease. She is not herd-bound, an enjoyable ride, alone or with a group.

Scarlett is also a reliable driving partner. She drives both single and double. She is suitable for wagon rides, carriage companies, or a leisurely Sunday stroll. Scarlett will hook and work any type of farm machinery, mowing, cutting hay, and tilling gardens, carefully navigating the rows.

Scarlett is comfortable and exposed daily to children, dogs, and other livestock. Doesn’t mind a tarp and carries a flag. Super easy to catch. You can walk to her anywhere and put her halter on. Scarlett has great feet. Ridden barefoot on all terrain with no issues. Maintained with a regular trim schedule. She is mid pecking order, does fine turned out with both mares and geldings alike. Stands tied, cross tied, for bathing, grooming, clipping, saddling, and is unbothered by fly spray.

If anyone has any further questions or would like to meet Scarlett in person before making her part of your family, feel free to reach out!

Jamie Thomason
Auburn, KY 42206

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