Victoria Bekkedahl
Fort Collins, CO 80524


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Horse Details

Quarter Horse

Willowbrook Stables

Fort Collins, CO


Blue Roan





Barrel racing, Trail riding, Mountain riding, English riding, Western pleasure, Lesson horse


Saphira is an all-around built mare standing 15.2 hands and as gorgeous as they come!
I’ve had Saphira for a little over two years now and have loved every ride on her; she’s an amazing trail horse and has no problem dealing with streets, cars, bikes, trains, dogs, kiddos, etc. Goes over bridges and crosses water with no hesitation and picks her way through mountain trails as well; she has dealt with tough terrain and even cliffs without batting an eye.
I taught lessons on her all last summer, and she took care of the kiddos on English, Western, Trail, or even bareback!
She would make someone an awesome 4-H horse as most of her training has been pointed towards Western and English pleasure. She’s got a great headset/Collection and knows her leads, can do simple or flying lead changes, and has a sliding stop. She knows how to spin, pivot, backup, etc.
I’ve thrown a rope off of her, gathered and pushed cattle, and dragged cows around the farm without any problems.
I’ve also competed in local gymkhanas, which is definitely her strong suit. She loves the more forward activities though she’s willing for whatever you ask.
She is also started in Dressage and jumping and would excel as a 3-day eventing horse or hunter jumper.
She loves water, is easy to bathe, picks her feet and stands great for the farrier and vet, is easy to load, stands all day, and is an easy-going mare overall.
She would stay with me forever if I had more time for her!
Don’t miss out on a chance to own this beautiful mare!!!

Winning Offer: $10,601.00

Victoria Bekkedahl
Fort Collins, CO 80524

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Highest bidder was: alyssa_derry

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alyssa_derry 10/02/2022 7:42 am $10,601.00
lindsay 10/02/2022 7:39 am $10,401.00
alyssa_derry 10/02/2022 7:35 am $10,201.00
lindsay 10/02/2022 7:35 am $10,001.00
alyssa_derry 10/02/2022 7:35 am $10,000.00 Auto
alyssa_derry 10/02/2022 7:34 am $9,801.00
lindsay 10/02/2022 7:33 am $9,601.00
alyssa_derry 10/02/2022 7:33 am $9,401.00
lindsay 10/02/2022 7:30 am $9,201.00
alyssa_derry 10/02/2022 7:30 am $9,001.00
lindsay 10/02/2022 7:29 am $8,801.00 Auto
alyssa_derry 10/02/2022 7:29 am $8,601.00
lindsay 10/02/2022 7:28 am $8,401.00 Auto
alyssa_derry 10/02/2022 7:28 am $8,201.00
lindsay 10/02/2022 7:27 am $8,001.00 Auto
alyssa_derry 10/02/2022 7:27 am $7,801.00
lindsay 10/02/2022 7:26 am $7,601.00 Auto
alyssa_derry 10/02/2022 7:26 am $7,401.00
lindsay 10/02/2022 7:26 am $7,201.00 Auto
alyssa_derry 10/02/2022 7:26 am $7,001.00
lindsay 10/02/2022 7:26 am $6,801.00 Auto
alyssa_derry 10/02/2022 7:26 am $6,601.00
lindsay 10/02/2022 7:25 am $6,401.00
alyssa_derry 10/02/2022 7:18 am $6,201.00
lindsay 09/30/2022 1:57 pm $6,001.00
Jamesdavis 09/30/2022 1:57 pm $6,000.00 Auto
Jamesdavis 09/30/2022 1:51 pm $5,400.00 Auto
lindsay 09/30/2022 1:51 pm $5,200.00
Jamesdavis 09/30/2022 11:00 am $4,600.00
Sandra Fox 09/30/2022 11:00 am $4,400.00 Auto
Sandra Fox 09/29/2022 4:37 pm $4,200.00
Savana 09/26/2022 10:21 am $4,000.00
Sale Started 09/18/2022 7:36 pm
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