Elaine Schmitt
Springfield, Ohio 45504


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Horse Details

Rocky Mountain

Elaine Schmitt

Springfield, OH


Red Chocolate




Both Hind Fetlocks,

Trail riding, companionship, wide variety of directions


*** BEAUTIFUL RED CHOCOLATE *** Rocky Mountain – 4 yr. Old gelding … 14.2 barefoot.

Rusty was gelded last year and started under saddle. I took him with me to Florida for trail training on Jan. and Feb. and had been riding him in Ohio and Kentucky since. I have spent most trail time working on exposure to various situations, a ground covering walk, riding various positions in a group, and a verbal whoa. He had taken to all situations well.

Rusty is currently barefoot with a short foot and will do a slow running walk … with shoeing, some trail time, and gait training, his gait can be developed further.

Rusty has good basics under his belt and has ridden a variety of terrains with various horses.
He is ready for an intermediate rider to take him in the direction of choice !!

Winning Offer: $5,500.00

Elaine Schmitt
Springfield, Ohio 45504

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Item condition: New

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Highest bidder was: 3Horseman

Name Time Offer Auto
3Horseman 07/18/2021 12:59 pm $5,500.00
BrandiGirl 07/18/2021 12:59 pm $5,300.00
3Horseman 07/18/2021 12:55 pm $5,100.00
tntrailrider1959 07/18/2021 12:54 pm $4,900.00
3Horseman 07/18/2021 12:54 pm $4,750.00 Auto
3Horseman 07/18/2021 12:32 pm $4,600.00
BrandiGirl 07/18/2021 12:30 pm $4,400.00
tntrailrider1959 07/18/2021 8:54 am $4,200.00
Wasmedic51 07/18/2021 8:54 am $4,000.00 Auto
Wasmedic51 07/16/2021 8:40 pm $3,600.00
Ry guy k 07/16/2021 8:40 pm $3,405.00 Auto
Ry guy k 07/12/2021 4:45 pm $3,400.00
Redmare21 07/12/2021 2:38 pm $3,200.00
Spd137 07/08/2021 3:42 pm $3,000.00
Redmare21 07/08/2021 3:41 pm $2,800.00 Auto
Spd137 07/08/2021 3:41 pm $2,700.00
Redmare21 07/08/2021 8:11 am $2,500.00
Sale Started 07/06/2021 8:17 pm
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