Thea Bekkedahl
Fort Collins, CO 80524


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Horse Details

Paint Horse

Thea Bekkedahl

Fort Collins, CO


Black & White




RH & LH Stocking; RF & LF Sock; Star; Stripe, Spot Right Side of neck; White base of tail.

Trail riding, Pack, Kids horse, Lesson horse, Started English, Husband safe


Roxy is a 16.1 hand-paint mare!
This girl has the most easygoing personality you can find in a horse! She’s bombproof and mellow, uncomplicated, fun, and quiet! She’s the most forgiving and simple horse out there, making her awesome for all ages! We have thrown kids ages 5+ on her. She is reliable, safe, and definitely a favorite for the littles! She has great manners in and out of the saddle.
Roxy is also quite the looker! There is not one place we’ve taken her where she hasn’t gotten many compliments!
Roxy has been around the block when it comes to all types of trail riding as well! Up in the Rocky Mountains with steep terrain and packing into tough trails to riding around and into town, crossing bridges and rivers, going under tunnels, taking us to coffee and lunch(lol!), and doing anything you point her at or asked of her.
She’s great with bikes, trains, dogs, traffic, wildlife, etc.!!

Roxy is easy to Lead, load, tie, and bathe, will stand all day, and is easy for the farrier and vet!

Watch her detailed video and set up a time to come meet this pretty lady!

Thea Bekkedahl
Fort Collins, CO 80524

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