Katie Mastagni
Beatty, OR 97621


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Katie Mastagni

Beatty, OR






Stripes on legs, dorsal stripe, shoulder stripe

Trail riding, hunting, horse camping, cattle work, roping


Gorgeous all-around mule in the prime of her life at 11 yrs old. Rosie is as sweet as can be! She stands an elegant 15.3 HH and weighs approximately 1200 lbs. If you’re looking for a mule that can go hunting, pack, work around the ranch, and safely go for a trail ride, this is your gal! She is experienced in the backcountry; she will Highline, hobble, picket, and tie out overnight at the trailer. Rosie is savvy about water, bridge, and log crossings, keeping her rider safe all the while. We use this mule around our 10,000-acre high desert ranch for everything from checking the fence to doctoring sick calves.

Rosie can lead out, follow, or get left behind, in addition to going solo. She has a good neck rein and is easy to steer. Smooth gaits make her an easy ride for long days. Rosie has recently been used to check the damaged fence on our grazing permit in the Fremont National Forest. Each trip consisted of tremendous changes in elevation, varied terrain (including scab rock flats), drastic changes in temperature, and a minimum of 18 miles per day. She sometimes starts or finishes days in the dark. Rosie made these trips like the seasoned pro she is, saddling up on roadways, ridden with only a crouper, and barefoot!

Rosie also carried a (confident) beginner rider on several trips. Her confirmation is so excellent she never galls, rides in common QH suitable saddles, and accepts a crouper (or a britchen) but doesn’t rely on it to keep her saddle in place. Rosie is easily shod but goes barefoot extremely well. She trailers well, and will stand tied for hours on end, and does not paw. Rosie clips easily, including bridle path and ears. She is easily caught in the pasture or in the paddock. This lovely molly is very agreeable in the herd, not dominant or food aggressive. She currently pastures with horses, mules, ponies, and mini donkeys. No herd bound or buddy sour tendencies. Rosie is also happy to be in the barn, with a stall and a run. No stall vices are present. Lastly, this mule can be ridden every day or once a year and be consistently solid. Rosie will sell with a satisfaction guarantee and maybe exchange at our facility in Beatty, OR for a satisfactory mule of equal value is found to be unsatisfactory. We require an immediate electronic deposit of 10% of the purchase price when the bid closes. Transportation can be arranged or the mule can be held for a reasonable period of time free of charge. Bid with confidence. Feel free to call or text with any additional questions or schedule a time to meet Rosie before the auction closes.

Katie Mastagni
Beatty, OR 97621

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