Rockers Reuben J

Jerry Rosa Jr
Newburg, MO 65550


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Horse Details

Missouri Foxtrotter

Jerry Rosa Jr

Newburg, MO




15.1 3/4



Diamond Shaped Star

Trail, Family Horse, Gaited, Show Potential, Beginner and Kid Safe.


Rockers Reuben J. is a registered Missouri Foxtrotter gelding. Reuben is as versatile as they come. He is show quality and ready to show, he is a fully safe trail horse for any rider, he is athletic but calm. Reuben will be four years old in September, but don’t let the young age deter you because most old horses are not as trustworthy as Reuben. Kid horses aren’t made; they’re born.

My daughter Rebekah wanted to try to train a horse 100% by herself, so I let her try with Reuben because, as a foal, he seemed to have a gentle demeanor. This proved to be true with him as I never did have to help Rebekah or ride Ruben myself, although I was there coaching and teaching Rebekah the entire time. If I thought that his training was lacking in any way, I would have stepped in and helped. Still, I am VERY proud and confident in saying that Rebekah has gotten Ruben as gentle and trustworthy as most professional trainers would have.

Although Reuben is very gentle, he is young and fit, meaning he is not a boring dead head horse. He could go chase cattle and has a nice lope, he can do long, fast trail rides, or he could poke around a round pen teaching beginners how to ride.

Reuben learns incredibly fast and is young enough to take any discipline that the new owners would want to teach him. He has no issues with dogs, other livestock, ATVs, or any obstacles put before him.

When we go out on group trail rides, not only does Reuben not have any issues with obstacles or boogers of any kind Reuben and Rebekah will be the pair that leads the way through any scary situation so that the less stable horses will follow. He does not care where he is in the group; he does not mind leaving the group and does well completely by himself as well on trails. I had a young colt cut a big shine with me one day and bucked and squealed and ran into Ruben with Rebekah on him, and Ruben just looked at him like he was stupid; he did not act up or have a sympathetic reaction like many horses would. I ended up landing on my head, and my horse was running free. Rebekah and Ruben went and calmly caught him for me.

Reuben is an all-around “Good Ole Boy,” for sure. He has a very loving personality, and his big soft puppy eyes will steal your heart. He will make someone a wonderful partner and friend.

If you have questions or would like to meet Reuben in person and test ride him before the end of the sale, give us a call!

Jerry Rosa Jr
Newburg, MO 65550

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