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Everett, PA






Head: White hairs at bridge of nose and forehead, Left Forelimb: Pastern, Left Hindlimb: Stocking, Right Hindlimb: Stocking, Body: White hairs on right hip

Drives, Rides


Ringo is a 10-year-old John that stands 13.1 hh. This description is not all sunshine and rainbows and is as honest as possible. Ringo rides and drives but needs an owner who can provide more attention and training than I can give. I will soon be turning 85 and no longer have the physical ability to provide the time needed to train him. I have had Ringo on trail rides and long buggy rides. He loves being around other horses and having the company of other livestock around him. The videos are from a couple of my last outings with him, a 6-mile and a 4.5-mile buggy ride. He is OK with vehicles and even had a German Shepherd barking at him, but Ringo didn’t give him a second look. However, he can shy away from the strangest things because he doesn’t get out enough. We’ve passed hundreds of mailbox boxes, but his last time out, he stepped away from an all-red mailbox and post. Ringo is very smart and doesn’t seem to forget anything. A farrier once turned a nail in his right front. He will lift his hooves and let the farrier trim, file, and shoe until it’s time for a “nail” in the right front. He is improving each time but needs to be firmly tied to complete that shoe. Ringo will stop, trot, walk, and back on command. I have ridden him bareback with just a halter and lead rope. He loads and unloads well. Ringo loves to be brushed daily and bathed and has no problem handling his ears or brushing around his head. My wife has spoiled him with his daily peppermint, apple, and vegetable treats. Ringo is sure-footed, has excellent potential, and can be an all-around great mule that could tackle anything with the right owner. Ten years ago, I would have had him on every trail ride and parade I could attend. Ringo just received a complete vet inspection, including a dental exam. He received an outstanding report from the vet and an up-to-date Coggins test.

The cart, gourde trailer, and tack are available and sold separately. We are also willing to provide transport within a reasonable distance and cost. Please call regarding any questions.

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