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Horse Details

Tennessee Walking Horse

McKee, KY


Red Roan




Roan, Star, Hind Socks

Smooth Gaited with Style, Sure Footed Trail Horse, Drive in Cart, Work Cattle, Carry the Flag, Gun Fire,Ride Bridleless/Bareback, Ride in Downtown, Coon Hunting at night leading dogs using flashlights.


Red Roan Tennessee Walker Mare
15.2 Hands Tall
Four years old
Naturally Smooth Gaited with Style
Trail Experienced
Rhiannon is a absolutely gorgeous Red Roan 4-year-old Tennessee Walking Horse mare standing a stout 15.2 Hands Tall.
Smooth Gaited with Style, Sure-Footed Trail Horse, Drive in Cart, Work Cattle, Carry the Flag, Gun Fire, Ride Bridleless/Bareback, Ride  Downtown, Coon Hunting at night, leading dogs using flashlights.
Rhia is a phenomenal horse that will only get better with experience and time; she has already exceeded in everything she has ever been asked of; like being a sure-footed trail horse, she will cross downed trees and water holes and go any direction you point her head to go with no hesitation, she has a very calm demeanor with a kind eye, Rhia absolutely loves attention from her human friends she’s not a problem to brush, bathe, braid mane and tail or just give lovings to, Rhia is not your typical mare being pushy, biting, kicking, squealing, or being extra moody… she’s very easy going with a willing attitude that’s easy to handle.
Rhia has a naturally smooth gait with plenty of style only on a lite keg shoe. She will definitely turn heads at future shows or on the trail. When asked with a simple nudge or “smooch,” she will move on out to her four-beat gait, then can transition to a flatfoot walk by just saying “walk,” & you better hold on when you say “Woah” Rhia listens to voice commands, she stands to be mounted from the ground or mounting block. Before coming to our home Rhia was used by a younger lady and her husband as a trail horse, she trail rode her on several rides, and her husband also trail rode her along with taking her out at night with his dog and a flashlight leading the way Coon hunting here in Eastern Kentucky, she has also had some training time in a cart. Rhia was loved at her previous home, but due to life changes & opportunities, she was no longer being used at their home & with heavy hearts, they decided it would be in the best interest to find her a home she would continue to strive and use at her full potential.
Rhia is a very calm horse and not spooky while handling on the ground, nor while riding her. She doesn’t mind dogs running out under her feet from nowhere (horses around here have to get used to the unpredictable from maybe passing ATVs, tractors, trailers, cows, goats, and donkeys running out)
Rhia has been introduced to several new things while being with us; from carrying the flag, shooting a gun from her back, or riding in a field with cattle roaming, she has always reacted calmly with a head full of sense. If you are interested in this amazing horse while she is on auction, call & schedule to take her on a real trail ride with us here in Southeastern Kentucky.
We will add more videos of this outstanding horse showing more of her talents during the auction, but if you have anything specific you would like to see in videos or pictures or have any questions concerning Rhia, please let us know by calling anytime!

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