Reys Leather N Lace (Beverly)

Amanda Noyce
LeSueur MN 56058


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Quarter Horse

Amanda Noyce

Le Sueur, MN






Stripe; Both Hind Coronet

Arena, Trail, Kid Safe, Ranch Prospect, Reining Prospect


Reys Leather N Lace (Beverly) is a 3-year-old registered AQHA mare by TR Dual Rey.  She has the sweetest disposition and is as bombproof as you can get!  She stands at 14.3 hands, making her easy for anyone to get on and off.  Beverly is kind-hearted, easy to look at, and easy to ride.  She’ll stand quiet ALWAYS – especially when saddling, mounting, dismounting, handling, etc.  We have had Beverly since she was a yearling (purchasing from the breeder) and have hauled her all over the place, including many overnight camping trips.  She handles rough terrain like a champ.  She doesn’t require shoes (has no trouble without on gravel) but we recently put shoes on as we were heading on a very rocky, rough terrain camping trip.  She’ll stand on a tie line (we’ve had her on one for 4 nights in a row), tied to the trailer or tied in the barn – does not paw!
My 12-year-old daughter rides her OFTEN.  She’s her favorite pick when deciding who to take.  She saddles her and Beverly patiently waits for a little girl to get that heavy saddle just right (watch the Arena video to see this in action).  Beverly is as safe as they come and has never made a wrong step.  I trust her with my child, whether we’re at a new camping spot where Beverly is unfamiliar or a new arena.  This mare doesn’t have a mean – or flight – bone in her body.  She is eager to please and very willingly goes where her rider guides her.  Watch her Trails & Trailering video to see just how willing she is!
We started her slowly, putting just 30 rides on her the fall of her 2-year-old year.  Since the spring of 2020, she’s had a consistent and solid 6 months of training on her.  She does NOT require lunging or ‘wearing down’ – no matter if you’re going to do arena work or trail work.  She can sit for a week and then go right back to where you left off.  She does all the basic maneuvers and then some, including walk, trot, extended trot, lope, extended lope, stop, back, rollback, turns on the haunches (turn around), turn on the forehand, side pass.  She will do ALL of those maneuvers and more with ANY rider.  She performs them for my 12-year old easily.  She’s had novice riders on her and rides the same for them.  She has been around cattle.  We frequently check cattle in the pasture, sort off pairs, a standoff with an angry bull, and she’s been in an arena with cattle and lightly worked on the flag.  She is very interested and cowy and will naturally give you that cow sense many desire.  If horse shows are in your future, she’ll get you to the winners circle whether you want to do reined cow horse, ranch riding, western riding, trail, pleasure, sorting, or 4-H.  Be sure to watch the Arena Work video to see all she’s capable of!
Beverly has many desirable qualities.  She will ride off alone – in the arena or on the trails.  She’s easy to handle, catch, and load (make sure to watch our Trails & Trailering video).  Stands great for the farrier, clipping, vet, fly spray, and utter chaos (check out those videos to see just how quiet she is).  She’s recently had her teeth done, feet, worming, Coggins and is UTD on all her shots – she’s good to go!  I truly can’t say enough about how sweet and willing this mare is.  Her confidence when she’s on her own or in a group makes her a pleasure to ride.  Ride her one-handed on a loose rein when cracking on a drink on the trail or guiding her around the arena – she’ll go where you want her to go.  From trail rides to arena work, this mare has the willing, gentle attitude that everyone desires.

Winning Offer: $10,200.00

Amanda Noyce
LeSueur MN 56058

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JJMiller 11/08/2020 9:52 am $10,200.00
MimiSchwep 11/08/2020 9:51 am $10,000.00 Auto
JJMiller 11/08/2020 9:51 am $9,899.00
MimiSchwep 11/08/2020 9:50 am $9,699.00
JJMiller 11/08/2020 9:50 am $9,499.00 Auto
JJMiller 11/08/2020 9:46 am $9,150.00
MimiSchwep 11/08/2020 9:46 am $9,000.00 Auto
MimiSchwep 11/08/2020 9:36 am $8,900.00 Auto
JJMiller 11/08/2020 9:36 am $8,700.00
MimiSchwep 11/08/2020 9:34 am $8,400.00
JJMiller 11/08/2020 9:33 am $8,200.00 Auto
MimiSchwep 11/08/2020 9:33 am $8,000.00
JJMiller 11/08/2020 9:17 am $7,500.00 Auto
GG1bugg2 11/08/2020 9:17 am $7,300.00
JJMiller 11/08/2020 9:16 am $7,100.00 Auto
GG1bugg2 11/08/2020 9:16 am $6,900.00
JJMiller 11/08/2020 9:15 am $6,300.00 Auto
GG1bugg2 11/08/2020 9:15 am $6,100.00
JJMiller 11/08/2020 8:40 am $5,700.00
MimiSchwep 11/08/2020 5:49 am $5,500.00 Auto
Ellhan 11/08/2020 5:49 am $5,300.00
MimiSchwep 11/06/2020 1:03 pm $5,100.00
Ellhan 11/06/2020 12:56 pm $4,900.00
MimiSchwep 11/05/2020 11:44 am $4,700.00
JJMiller 11/05/2020 11:44 am $4,500.00 Auto
JJMiller 11/05/2020 5:55 am $4,300.00
Ellhan 11/05/2020 1:46 am $4,100.00
MimiSchwep 11/04/2020 11:25 am $3,900.00
lanne117 11/04/2020 11:19 am $3,700.00
MimiSchwep 10/27/2020 2:33 pm $3,500.00
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