Reese Cup

Jason Leger
Crab Orchard, KY 40419


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Gaited Mule

Jason Leger

Crab Orchard, KY






Light Nose

Trail, Gaited, Show, English, Western, Lesson, Tricks


Reese Cup is our beloved molly mule. We bought her as a weanling and have raised and trained her. She will be five years old in June. There is a book we could write about Reece! She is kind, respectful, gentle, loving, and affectionate. She is full of personality, strength, and grace. She is athletic, talented, and super intelligent. She is gaited and has the most natural gait you will find anywhere. She has gaited from the beginning, since the first time we’ve ridden her. She is that one-in-a-million mule with all the amazing qualities of both a mule and a horse. Reece stands 15.1 hands tall and has a stout build. She has a beautiful head and ear and wonderful conformation as well. Reece has also been trained to do tricks! She will lie down, sit up like a dog, follow you at the command to come, and answer yes and no questions with a shake of her head! She will also side pass to a mounting block or anything you choose to mount from. She has had extensive groundwork and round pen work. She will side pass while mounted. She one-hand neck reins, stops, backs, and lopes circles both ways while taking the correct lead. Reese has been trail-ridden hundreds of miles. We’ve had her ALL over the US, riding in THE most beautiful country we’ve ever seen. In Wyoming, we rode in some big country. The hills were mountains. The rocks were boulders. All new things for Reece and us to see, but she navigated the trails with grace and strength. The steepest hills, most rocky terrain, deepest water, or boggy mud do not hinder Reese Cup. Her sure-footed steps, smart/sound mind, and obedience and attentiveness to her rider make her the best trail mount. From her Kentucky home, she’s been to Illinois, Iowa, South Dakota, Wyoming, Nebraska, Tennessee, Ohio, Michigan, and Florida. We’ve seen some beautiful scenes between those long ears of hers. In Florida, we even took her to ride on the beach and in the ocean! We’ve also shown Reese at local horse shows, and she’s always brought home a ribbon. We’ve used her to check fences and move our cattle. She has been exposed to all sorts of wildlife like deer, turkey, and elk, and we even came close to a few moose when we were out west! She’s been ridden countless nights coon hunting and has led several dogs at one time on many different occasions. Reese is easy to shoe, stands for the farrier, and easily clips, loads, and hauls perfectly. She is more than easy to catch. She will meet you at the door or gate, always ready to see you! She is completely traffic safe. She’s been ridden in town many times through traffic, past semi trucks, tractors, and ATVs. She is great with tarps, whips, and guns and doesn’t mind loud noise or commotion.

Reese has been a huge part of our family for a long time. The decision to offer her another home has truly been a hard one. It’s not every day that something so special is even offered for sale, but with the abilities and resources God has given us to make some amazing animals such as Reese, we want to give someone else the opportunity to have their dream mule that may not get that chance otherwise. Our full YouTube video is a bit long, but we encourage you to take the time to watch it as it captures some of the amazing qualities of this sweet girl Reese and her talent, skill, and personality. Feel free to call with any questions.

Jason Leger
Crab Orchard, KY 40419

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